'Cheese Is Murder': Activists Fight the Affliction of 'Human Supremacy'

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In modern America, a supremacist is the worst thing you can be. And according to an activist group, that may also apply to species.

Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) is an organization for advocates ages 13 to 24. And the group is no small potatoes — it’s backed by justice giant PETA.


On PETA’s page, SOS defines a term:

Speciesism is the misguided belief that one species is more important than another. Much as other ugly “-isms” result in discrimination against and bullying of other humans based on arbitrary factors like skin color, gender, class, sexual orientation, or physical ability, speciesism assigns an inferior status to those who don’t happen to be human. If we want a more just world, we must work to end all systems of oppression, not just the types that affect us personally.

The faction fingers an outright fact — you’re an animal:

Animals are us, and we are animals. Like humans, all other animals feel joy, sadness, fear, and pain. We must see their suffering as an extension of our own. Our differences don’t justify cruelty — and exploiting others simply because we can or because they’re different is wrong. We have a responsibility to make the kindest choices possible and to do our best to reduce suffering of any kind, for every kind.

As noted by Campus Reform, the group’s Instagram page frequently posts “content such as illustrations of hypothetical scenarios where human and animal roles were switched.”

Pictures include…a restaurant where human limbs are being sold to chickens.


The group is growing in popularity: In addition to protesting at retail outlets and businesses such as In-N-Out — where signs have reportedly declared, “Cheese is Murder” — they’ve registered chapters at seven colleges. Schools include UT Austin, UC Davis, and the University of Maryland.

We’re certainly moving toward a more tender take on nonhumans:

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Of course, it’s worth remembering they’re not all innocent:

Massive Macho Turkey Terrorizes Cyclists and Strollers in DC

Man Minding His Business Gets Mangled by a Gang of Angry Otters

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Back to fighting for the rights of cheese, it’s no surprise humans are getting demoted. Nihilism is on the rise, and if “pro-America” is wrong, why would “pro-human” be any different? We’d likely also be headed for more benevolence toward bugs, if not for the fact that Bill Gates is going to make us eat them.


For those who’d like to rise in righteousness while they chow down on dung beetles, Students Opposing Speciesism has a reminder: If you’re not pursuing “total animal liberation”…you’re a supremacist.

We must rise up and challenge the notion of human supremacy.



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