Fauci Shifts From Science, but Maybe Faith Will Force You to Fall in Line

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If you don’t trust Anthony Fauci as your doctor, perhaps you’ll listen to him as your priest.

In a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto, the medicine man seemed to swap classic calls to “the science” for something more personal: what he believes.


Neil noted COVID vaccines may not have lived up to their promise in the eyes of many Americans:

“[W]hen people heard, ‘Oh my gosh — [a rallying infection] has happened…to Dr. Anthony Fauci,’ everyone knows someone who’s gotten [COVID] again — and sometimes again after that — and they’re beginning to wonder about the regimen for treating it. You know, whether you get two vaccination shots, whether you get a booster, another booster. They just don’t know. What do you tell them?”

Dr. Fauci called it “a great question.” He waxed on certainty and our ever-expanding series of injections:

“There’s no doubt that the vaccines themselves — particularly vaccine plus a booster at the appropriate time when you become eligible for a booster; for more than one booster if you’re over 50 years old, you get eligibility for two boosters — one of the things that’s clear from the data, that even though vaccines…”

Toward the second half of that mile-long sentence, he fingered the culprit causing vaccines’ poor performance:

…because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus…

Do the vaccines not work because the virus is highly transmissible, or do they not work because they don’t work, allowing the virus to be highly transmitted?


Either way, the vaccines may work well; but you never want anything to work overly well:

“[The vaccines] don’t protect overly well, as it were, against infection…”

Yet, there’s an upside — if you “believe”…

“[T]hey protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death.”

It’s a matter of faith:

“[I] believe that’s the reason…why, at my age, being vaccinated and boosted — even though it didn’t protect me against infection — I feel confident that it [played] a major role in protecting me from progressing to severe disease.”

Perhaps it did. Still, the vaccines were never pitched as a matter of belief. Nor was anything else we were ordered to do. For years, the country was told to “trust the science.” Oddly — so far as I’m aware — those words were rarely if at all ever accompanied by offered science.

Political podcaster Dave Rubin wasn’t won over by Fauci’s phrasing. During the July 14th installment of The Rubin Report, he made that clear:

“[Fauci] is nothing other than a snake oil salesman at this point. … [W]e were told if you got the vaccine, you were not going to get COVID. … Then, of course, the evidence starts pouring… … So the message was…’Oh, it’s not a vaccine like the way we’ve always known vaccines, meaning that you’d be…vaccinated from the thing. It’s actually just going to stop you from being hospitalized. … I have never seen a study on this. … When Obama gets COVID and Hillary gets COVID and Psaki gets COVID….they all say the same thing — ‘I got COVID and it’s mild, and I’m just so happy I got the shot and got boosted; because otherwise, I’d be sicker.’ There’s no evidence of it. … They just keep saying it. And…the way [Fauci]…phrases it…you know he’s admitting it. ‘Cause he says, ‘I believe.’ … He doesn’t say there’s actually any evidence of it. … So…he’s just sort of admitting none of this made any sense.”


It does seem rather easy to claim something would’ve been worse if not for “X.” If statistics do show that a higher percentage of people hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated, are they in the hospital because of it, or merely with it? And might there be other factors at play?

Either way, studies and statistics haven’t been kind to lockdowns and masks. Nonetheless, Fauci wants you to believe there as well. If you thought you were free from mandatory muzzles, you might soon be surprised. In the meantime, the doctor prescribes volunteerism — anything less is inappropriate:

“[Y]ou really should, in an indoor setting, a congregate setting, be wearing masks. It’s just the appropriate thing to do to protect yourself and your family.”

And don’t dare consider the pandemic kaput:

“Everyone wants to put this pandemic behind us and feel and hope that it doesn’t exist. It does.”

Dave had thoughts on that, too:

“Dude, I want to feel and hope that you never existed. That’s where I’m at with you right now.”



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