Florida's Public Universities Go Full Throttle to Fuel the Preferred-Pronoun Revolution

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Public colleges in Florida are enthusiastically joining the pronoun jamboree.

Just a few years ago, a conversation about pronouns might’ve been unbearably boring. But these days, it’s sexier than sex — if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be replacing it. And though conservative Ron DeSantis is governor of the state, Florida’s public universities are passionately pursuing pronoun progress.


From Campus Reform:

In Fall 2021…[University of South Florida] student newspaper The Oracle reported on the school’s plan to begin allowing students, faculty, and staff to add preferred pronouns to their USF IDs.

The purpose of these new policies is to make campuses more inclusive and welcoming, [USF] Student Government (SG) Lt. Governor Kiara Brooks told Campus Reform.

“University Communications and Marketing is in discussion with [SG] about redesigning the ID Card to support [putting preferred pronouns on ID cards],” the USF ID Card Office said when asked for comment. 

And there’s a sophisticated system on the rise: Via the Identity Management System [IMS], students will soon plug their preferred pronouns into an expansive network.

According to Kiara, platforms will include “(student record system) Oasis, (enrolee engagement app) Bulls Connect, (degree audit and tracking tool) Degree Works, and even possibly the housing and GEMS (Graduates as Emerging Mentors) portals.”

USF will launch IMS in the fall.

Another Sunshine State school letting students shout their pronouns is Florida State University Panama City. Attendees can flaunt their flair by way of online identification.

According to the policy, chosen pronouns “will display after your name in several different areas of Canvas as an easy way to communicate with your classmates and instructors which pronouns best reflect your identity. You will be able to see yours and others’ personal pronouns in several areas of the course including discussions, comment fields, user profile pages, and your inbox.”


Florida International University is on the ball as well:

[FIU] now allows students to select preferred pronouns on its online system, which professors are then expected to use, according to a report by student newspaper PantherNow.

Oddly, none of this has any appreciable effect on communication, as preferred pronouns aren’t used when speaking to someone.

In a mysterious move, the referential revolution has chosen to replace every involved word except the one actually employed in direct address: “you.” In almost all cases, wokesters identifying as the opposite of their sex or something beyond the binary will never know — and, therefore, never be impacted by — whether anyone uses their soul-singing selections.

It might be good that everyone’s off the hook; after all, its a stunningly sophisticated setup:


Of course, Florida’s preferred-pronoun issue isn’t one of “inclusion.” It’s a question of whether the Florida public education apparatus subscribes to the employment of an all-new, unprecedented layer of identity. Just as institutions may one day decide all Americans must choose their representative color, culture is currently attempting the addition of favored words substituting for sexual signifiers.


As I recently wrote:

Progressively, it isn’t that youngsters believe they’re born in the wrong bodies. Institutions are simply giving them a choice: You can be anything; construct your own creature like you’re at Build-A-Bear.

Such an open-ended opportunity bazookas the binary. …

Beyond men and women, culture’s cutting-edge concept of gender identity isn’t enmeshed with sex. A new category’s been created, and we’re being told to come up with all-new identifiers. It appears to have evolved, not from dysphoria, but from the age of participation trophies and the era of icons. Thanks to social media and online gaming, we’re screen names, emojis, and colorful characters. They indicate our uniqueness and foster our flair. It was only a matter of time before we picked special personas to present in real life.

Back to Florida, it’s committed to reform all around:

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The south’s treasured vacation state is transforming. If you happen to soak up some rays there this summer, stay hydrated; but know that wokeness may be in the water.

Otherwise, enjoy perself.



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