Boston Colleges Hosted a Debate for All Students Except White Ones — but Whites Could Judge Them

Boston Colleges Hosted a Debate for All Students Except White Ones — but Whites Could Judge Them
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In Massachusetts, they’ve segregated intellectual competition.

Last semester, Boston College and Northeastern University co-hosted the American Parliamentary Debate Association’s “inaugural BIPOC tournament.”

That is to say, the schools held a debate open to all people but white ones.

More specifically, per a promotional email obtained by Campus Reform, it was an issue of identity.

From the Chicago Debate Society:

We are opening bids for the APDA BIPOC tournament this coming weekend, October 22-23. This tournament is held once annually and is open to all BIPOC debaters (for the purposes of this tournament, BIPOC is defined as anyone who does not identify as white).

We’re living in a time of revolution. For some reason, quite suddenly, institutional leaders appear to have deemed the 1960s a waste of effort. Whereas previously, America had awakened to the fact that racial segregation was — in the words of Martin Luther King — “morally wrong and sinful,” we’re now perpetually informed the opposite is true.

Our new brand of virtue matches that of 80 years ago: You’re your race, not your individual self. The same goes for various other categories of identity.

A nation intended to be “indivisible” is being divided by looks:

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As for segregating a debate, such a contest is arguably one of intellect. To exclude one particular race, some might say, suggests that group is either too smart or too dumb for its inclusion to be fair. It’s an odd potential message crafted by a school.

According to the email, the official idea for the event was to bind together all nonwhites. What purpose might that serve? The answer, as stated, is “diversity”:

The goal of the tournament is to promote affinity among nonwhite APDA debaters and cultivate racial diversity in the league and, accordingly, the tournament will be run in the motions format, with topics set on issues relating to race and social justice.

Though white people weren’t allowed to join, the email made clear that “white debaters may bid to judge at this tournament (though they will be selected with lower priority, depending on the judging needs of the tournament).”

Will the debate be held again this fall? There’s a better than slight chance.

The American Parliamentary Debate Association — the nation’s “oldest intercollegiate parliamentary debate league” — is also leading the way where gender justice is concerned.

From the APDA website:

[T]he Gender and Sexuality Empowerment Initiative was renamed in 2021 to raise awareness about issues that women and LGBTQ+ individuals face in debate, as well to empower those individuals and provide education for the entire APDA community. … Like most debating organizations…APDA continues to struggle with lower participation rates and less competitive success for non-cis-male individuals. GSEI has made strides towards understanding and alleviating these unequal outcomes…

As all those unequal outcomes get fixed, where is America headed? Wherever it is, we’re going there categorized by color.



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