Kristi Noem Rolls out the Red Carpet for Endangered LA Deputies

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Kristi Noem is putting out the welcome mat.

South Dakota’s favorite freedom-ringing governor has a message for Los Angeles deputies: “Come on over.”


As you may know, law enforcement officers in LaLa Land have recently found themselves under threat of canning.

LA County could torpedo defiant denizens resisting getting pricked.

Courtesy of KABC Wednesday:

The first Los Angeles Police Department officer to refuse the city’s vaccine mandate has been fired. Seven additional officers also face potential termination over the issue.

In the meantime, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is at odds with the Board of Supervisors over whether deputies will also lose their jobs… Sheriff Alex Villanueva says potentially thousands of deputies’ jobs could be at risk.

“The board is frustrated,” the outlet explained, “that the sheriff refuses to enforce the mandate that all county employees be fully vaccinated.”

Sheriff Alex pummeled the policy as a “death blow to public safety.”

“Your motion is going to seek to basically cause us to actually lose 4,000 employees, for a grand total of 0.4% improvement in positivity rate. [That] is not exactly a benefit to public safety. We’re coming off two years of a historically high 94% increase in homicide rate, 64% increase in grand theft auto. And this is just not sustainable. The current situation is not sustainable. The hiring freeze is not sustainable.”


The Board of Supervisors isn’t all ears; it’s granted preliminary approval to a measure putting employee discipline in the hands of the county personnel director.

But for those caught in the crosshairs, Kristi Noem’s got open arms.

From her February 9th statement:

“South Dakota honors our law enforcement officers, and we respect personal freedom. In particular, we appreciate the tireless work that law enforcement does to defend our freedoms. … We are working on legislation to protect your right to medical, religious, and natural immunity exemptions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

The governor suffered an armor chink last year in the eyes of some supporters: She declined to greenlight sex-based sports bill HB 1217 due to “problematic provisions” related to the college level.

“I did not veto [HB 1217],” she said this week. “What I did was, I asked my legislature for changes, and they rejected it. So immediately that very same day I put executive orders in place to protect girls’ sports.”

On February 3rd, she signed SB 46 which, per Fox News, “will ban transgender female athletes from participating in girls’ or women’s school sports.”

For LA deputies willing to make the athletic move from yearlong summer to 10°F, they’ll be amid cozy company in the notably conservative state. In January of 2021, South Dakota was among the most popular places for relocation.


That previous spring, Gov. Kristi had lifted up liberty:

“My responsibility is to respect the rights of people, and the people who elected me. To manage our state operations in a way that reflects the realities of what we have here on the ground in our state. On the foundation of my principles, commonsense conservative values, and the principles that we hold dear in America, the facts, the science, and the data will guide our decision-making here in South Dakota.”

They’re not nearly so fond of such things in LA.

As for the SoCal policy at issue, why would a vaccine requirement be in place? America’s needling against COVID-19 fails to make a person free from the virus or its transmission.

Perhaps the city will evolve in time.

Evidently, they’re already realizing masks don’t work:

A mask some California leaders might still wear: one with two faces.

Back to congenial Kristi, she’s ready and waiting:

“To LA County law enforcement officers facing potential firing: In South Dakota, you will not be fired for making personal health decisions. We respect law enforcement and everything you do to defend our freedoms. We would love to have you come join us.”




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