Oregon Elementary School Hosts 'Queer and Sexuality Alliance' Club for Nine-Year-Olds

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Do you remember the sexuality club you were in when you were nine?

If so, you’re likely a just-turned ten-year-old at Raleigh Hills Elementary School.

As relayed by The Daily Wire, the Beaverton education institution is offering its fourth graders something — as they sang on The Love Boat — exciting and new.


And speaking of love, it’s about romance: The QSA (Queer & Sexuality Alliance) club, as purportedly described in an early January slideshow, will “explore LGBTQ+ history and activism.”


  • Lesbian romance
  • Gay romance
  • Bisexual romance

On top of those, clearly, the group will study Transgender and Queer issues.

The grade-schoolers will get versed in ways to “advocate for change in [their] community;” they’ll “have conversations about identity, gender, equal rights, and social issues.”

The club will also be available to fifth graders.

These days, sexuality and youngsters are commonly combined.

Last March, Nebraska eyed schooling kindergarteners on gender identity and 11-year-olds in pansexuality and demigenderism.

In November, Vermont made history by handing condoms to 11-year-olds.

A month prior, a Florida school board member hit headlines for taking elementary children to a gay bar and grill.

Back to Oregon, I reference romance because sexuality — of course — concerns sex.


Does that interest the modern nine-year-old? Has maturity so advanced?

In generations past, had such young children been spoken to about sex, they would likely have been confused, bored, or grossed out — or some combination of the three.

Minus the gross part, the same goes for “social issues.”

Regardless of the kids’ engagement, some Beaverton School District (BSD) parents aren’t amused.

One parent, Bambi Russell, says her daughter signed up for the club without permission.

“I wanted the opportunity to opt-out of that. I sent her to school so she can do school. … That’s not the place for that,” she told the TDW.

Another mother, Arlene KoePal, had a come-apart:

“I lost it. … Why would the school target fourth and fifth graders?”

But BSD Superintendent Don Grotting stands in support, as do members of the Beaverton Education Association teachers union.

Per the Wire, on the union website, representative Jessica Pierce championed dignity:

“We have a moral and ethical responsibility to move beyond vague statements of tolerance and take direct actions that show we embrace ALL of who our children are, including their gender and sexuality identities. It is never too early [to] do this work. Never. The elementary level QSA offers ALL RHS 4th and 5th grade kids the voluntary opportunity to connect with each other from positions of dignity and respect.”


At a January school board meeting, some moms and dads railed against the club while one parent heralded it.

Following the assembly — in response to the pro-QSA commenter — one union member wrote, “That was beautiful. When queer kids thrive, all kids thrive! Amen to that.”

Mere decades ago, educators talking to small children about sexuality of any sort may have ended in arrest.

We’ve come a long way since then.

Even so, surely many Americans would agree: Sex is a strange arena in which to place nine-year-olds…so they can “thrive.”



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