Jeans for Justice: Levi's Hires a 'Racial Trauma' Therapist for Employees Rocked by the Rittenhouse Trial

For any of you traumatized by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, you’d do well to work for Levi Strauss.

In light of the jury’s decision, Powers That Be at the jeans giant have procured the service of a “racial trauma specialist.”


In a letter acquired by the Daily Mail, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Elizabeth Morrison waxed on the worrisome result:

With the news that Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted in the shooting of three individuals — two of whom lost their lives — during racial justice protests last year, this is a difficult day for many.

Of course, the court determined said shootings (involving four people, all of whom were white) were justified acts of self-defense.

One of the three shot was pointing — by his own admission — a chambered 9mm round at Rittenhouse:

Amid coverage, people in the public square have characterized the tragic event with potent prose.

Much has been made of Kyle employing the nation’s interstate road system, and many have reported erroneously that he was armed when crossing state lines.

As for notions of racism, they haven’t been particularly downplayed:

For those stressfully reacting to the verdict in light of either the facts or the media’s coverage, Levi’s has assistance on the way.

More from DEI Officer Elizabeth:

To help promote safety, sharing and to encourage healing, I’ll be hosting a fireside chat and Q&A with Dr. Jamila Codrington, a licensed psychologist and racial trauma specialist in early December.

The company’s also conscious of psychic side effects:

Dr. J and I will talk about the mental and psychical impacts of back-to-back social and racial justice events and trauma coping mechanisms during our discussion.

More from the Mail on Dr. J:


Jamila Codrington is a New York-licensed psychologist who has appeared on various panels, claiming that “black people have been duped into thinking we do not matter.” …

“One of the main weapons of colonialism and white supremacy was to destroy our memory and to separate us from our wealth – our cultural wealth,” she said. …

“We come from a legacy of people that our resilient, that were kings and queens, that were discoverers – we birthed civilization. And that is the first place of intervention because we have been duped into thinking that we don’t matter and all of this is coming from a legacy of enslavement and we have to defy this lie of inferiority.”

Back to fashionable pants, it’s a new era: Until relatively recently, corporations focused on making products Americans might want to buy.

These days, many business entities appear equally if not more interested in selling their point of view — on any and all social and political goings-on.

Simultaneously, it seems, our world has lost its conventional capability of coping:

Of course, it’s reasonable that a travesty of justice — in elections or the courts — might trigger emotions.

Even so, in times past, therapy might not have been needed.

As for last year’s “racial justice protests,” from what I can tell, that characterization isn’t positively apt.


2020 saw chaos in the streets — robbery, violence, murder, vandalism, and arson.

Why did each individual take part? That’s impossible to say.

As a well-known film character once observed, “Some [people]…want to watch the world burn.”

And they don’t at all have the same reasons.

At Levi-Strauss, evidently, some folks are burning inside.

And their depression will be dealt with by professional means.

It’s one more sign of the times — the denim icon, in fact, used to not only tolerate the blues…it promoted them:



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