Two Boston School Officials Resign Over Being 'Sick of Westie Whites'

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In Boston, a controversy’s occurred.

And in the aftermath, two public school officials have relinquished their positions.

At issue: texts concerning white people.


On October 21st — in light of the pandemic — the Boston School Committee unanimously voted to temporarily 86 admissions tests for entry to the city’s three specialty-focused “exam schools“: Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School, and the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science.

As relayed by, the controversial plan would instead employ grades, MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) scores, and zip codes as determinants.

According to data provided in May, the result was more black, Latino, and low-income kids being accepted.

Apparently, such an effect was anticipated.

Hence, during the meeting, committee member Lorna Rivera and committee Chair Alexandra Oliver-Dávila texted their enthusiasm.

As indicated by material obtained by The Boston Globe, here’s what they privately shared:


Best school committee meeting ever. I’m trying not to cry.


Wait until the white racists start yelling at us.


Whatever. They’re delusional. I hate WR (West Roxbury).


Sick of Westie whites.


Me too. I really feel like saying that.

Afterward, the Globe requested transcripts of all texts and emails sent during the meeting.

In the provided documents, the above communication was initially omitted.

Per, “why the messages are now surfacing eight months after the meeting” is “unknown.”

Nonetheless, their recent publication’s resulted in negative attention.


Thus, on Monday, Alexandria and Lorna resigned.

As reported by The Associated Press, via letter, Alexandria both lamented and defended her part of the convo:

“I regret my personal texts, it was inappropriate. But I am not ashamed of the feelings from history that made me write those words.”

She chalked it up to childhood — the topic at hand had triggered trauma:

“It was painful. And in the heat of the moment, it caused me to vent by sending inappropriate personal text messages to one of my colleagues. I regrettably allowed myself to do what others have done to me. I failed my own standards.”

As for Lorna, she claimed to have received “racist, threatening emails and social media personal attacks” from those opposed to the admissions program.

She fights the patriarchy, and she’s been abused:

“I am being targeted as a Latina gender studies professor who teaches about racism, patriarchy, and oppression. Because of the harassment and overwhelming stress from School Committee-related work, my mental and physical health has deteriorated, so I need to resign and recuperate.”

The city’s acting mayor — Kim Janey — gave a Tuesday statement.

The way Kim sees it, the texts were “unfortunate and unfairly disparaged members of the Boston Public Schools community.”

However, as nonwhites, the ladies fight for equity. And they were being attacked by racists:

“As women of color who advocate for racial equity in our schools, I also understand their comments were made in the wake of death threats and unacceptable racist attacks that were frightening, offensive, and painful.”


Regrettably, there are now fewer committee members who are female and Latina. But Mayor Kim aims to fix it:

“Sadly, their departure also leaves a void in Latina leadership on our school committee that I am determined to address.”

Given America’s daily news, it’s a surprise the women stepped down.

Across the land, school districts are telling teachers to correct Caucasian-ness.

Related cases in point:

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We’re being comprehensively informed of the calamity of the white race, in ways much bolder than the women’s private messages.

But evidently, some folks were troubled by the texts.

Count City Councilor Michelle Wu among them.

Here’s how she put it:

“It’s unacceptable for any of our families or communities in Boston to feel devalued or treated with contempt, and it’s especially damaging for that to come from decision-makers entrusted with setting policies that deeply impact our residents.”


It seems the city has a few problems.

At the same meeting in October, per the AP, Chair Michael Loconto appeared “to mock Asian names.”

He’s also since stepped down.

As for Alexandria and Lorna, it might be said they got unlucky.

If only they’d been psychiatrists; that field looks a lot more lax:



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