John Lennon's Son Praises MLK, Takes Aim at America's Self-Segregation

John Lennon's Son Praises MLK, Takes Aim at America's Self-Segregation
Chris Pizzello

In just a short amount of time, it’s amazing how much society’s changed.

For decades following Martin Luther King’s triumph, Americans embraced his idea of being judged, not “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Color-blindness looked to be the way of the future.

A Beatle even sang about it–

But the future took a turn.

We’re now focused on our differences rather than binding ties.

It’s certainly happening in schools:

Elementary Teacher Is Under Investigation for a Class Video Claiming Police ‘Don’t Like Black Men’

Virginia School District Issues a List of Oppressed and Privileged Identity Groups

Ivy League School Offers Rock Climbing Class for Everyone But White Students

And corporations have gotten in on the act:

A Whistleblower Shares a Racial Justice Lesson From Coca-Cola: ‘Try to Be Less White’

The same goes for communities:

‘Antiracism’ Comes to Kids’ Little League Baseball

Even Cartoon Network’s chimed in:


Concerning race — among other distinctions — the culture is emphasizing division. 

Back to The Beatles, on Sunday, a famous face remarked on the nation’s great divide.

Via a Twitter thread, Sean Lennon — son of John — gave it the Thumbs Down.

Sean watched the whole thing happen in real time:

“[I] want to say that I grew up in a time when there was zero political correctness. I literally saw political correctness being invented right in front of me (at certain schools) and then distributed and eventually enforced as a mindset and ideology.”

It may have seemed a good idea at first:

“[O]ne might have imagined at the time that the politically correct mindset and resulting implementation and enforcement would lead to a better society in which cultures and peoples were more integrated and more mutually understanding.

“But it is often the case that seemingly obvious solutions fail and even make matters worse…”

He dropped some science:

“I often think about the terrible track record we have in science of artificially modifying an ecosystem in order to ‘re-balance’ a problem we created but ultimately wind up making things worse by creating bigger unforeseen problems. ‘The road to hell is paved w good intentions.’ We’ve been trying this kind of morality policing for awhile now, and I would posit things are arguably getting worse. Race relations seem to be in the middle of a ‘two steps back’ moment.”

The guy ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie — a 2018 survey, per NBC News, determined, “Americans seem to be coalescing around a common idea…that we are a remarkably divided nation. … [Eight] out of 10 people polled say they believe the country is ‘mainly’ or ‘totally’ divided.”

And that was before our last year of chaos.

Sean continued:

“I say this not only because it seems clear from news events and statistics that race relations in this country are particularly terrible, but also because my DMs have never been more filled with bizarre WWII era bulls— (like “chink” and “jap,” or whatever).”

It isn’t the fault of a race:

“I am very sad that I feel like I have to say the following, but here goes: Asians are not the problem. Blacks are not the problem. Jews are not the problem. And yes, Whites are not the problem either. No race or culture is ‘the problem.'”

Sean’s been around:

“I have lived in many cities and countries, and I can say from experience that there is an EQUAL distribution of [bad] people and good people in EVERY human population. Most are good, some aren’t great, and a very small number are clinical sociopaths you absolutely need to avoid.

“When I grew up, New York truly felt like a melting pot. It wasn’t perfect, but people did not self-segregate along tribal lines to the degree that I am seeing today.”

America needs to do differently, and a return to unity would be a great idea:

“[W]e should check our strategy if we are not getting the results we intended. I don’t know what the solution is, but I suspect that over-sensitizing people to arbitrary characteristics like skin color may be doing more harm than good.

“I know very well that the idea of being ‘color blind’ is out of fashion, that MLK’s vision of character over skin color is considered to be naive. But that vision surely made our society better. I’m not sure the modern vision of ‘race consciousness’ is making things better.”

It’s not the first time Mr. Lennon’s taken a stand against racial animus.

Last summer, he waxed on a way to not fix anything:


The man’s not afraid to note a change:


As for racial unity, we’re certainly in need of a coming-together — like The Beatles used to sing:

Not only do we need it…we need it, maybe, more than ever.

The bottom line, per Sean:

“There is something wrong with the strategy and direction we have chosen, in academia, in politics, and elsewhere. It’s not working.”



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