Pastor Imprisoned for Holding Indoor Services Blasts 'Evil' Politicians and Warns the World

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A Canadian pastor is calling out evil.

You’ve likely seen the video of a Polish Canadian minister ordering police out of his church on Easter weekend.

Rev. Artur Pawlowski went viral with his shouts for the “Nazis” and “psychopaths” who entered his church — in the name of public health — to leave immediately.


A bit of his message:

“Nazis are not welcome here! Do not come back you Nazi psychopaths. Unbelievable sick, evil people. Intimidating people in a church during the Passover! You Gestapo, Nazi, communist fascists! Don’t you dare come back here!”

On April 24th, authorities came back.

He offered the following:

“I’m not interested to listen to any word you have to say. … I do not cooperate with Gestapo. I do not talk to the Nazis. You came in your uniforms like thugs. That’s what you are — Brownshirts out of Adolf Hitler. You are Nazi Gestapo. Communists. Fascists. I do not cooperate with Nazis. Talk to my lawyer. You’re not allowed here. You’re not welcomed here. And I’m not going to cooperate with Gestapo like you, okay?”

As noted by RedState’s Nick Arama, “Pawlowski [had] allegedly gotten into trouble before for feeding the homeless…”

Fast-forward to last Saturday, when a SWAT team dramatically detained him and his brother on a busy highway.

Their crimes: violating Alberta’s Public Health Act by — in the words of CTV News — “organizing an illegal in-person gathering, including requesting, inciting or inviting others to attend an illegal public gathering, promoting and attending an illegal public gathering.”

Witness the incredible event:


Officers had shown up earlier at the church but, well, it must not’ve been Visitors Day:

This past Monday, the pastor and his brother — Dawid Pawlowski — were released from prison.

And in an interview with Rebel News posted Thursday, Artur blasted Canadian “evil”:

The minister recalled being held upside down on the highway as he was forcefully fitted into a small van. Purportedly, he was made to lie on his cuffed wrists.

“You can imagine how painful that was. That was actual torture, I was being tortured by the way they did it. One hour with my whole body on the handcuffs. It was unbelievable.”

In jail, the preacher said, he wasn’t issued pillows or a blanket or allowed to sleep.

Furthermore, he was initially refused a requested Bible.

Once transferred to Calgary’s maximum-security Remand Centre, Artur claimed he was put into a filthy cell soaked in urine.

“I thought all of this is about health. It’s about keeping people safe. Listen — what a hoax. What garbage. What a big fat lie.”

Moreover, he believes his release was delayed because someone within the prison resisted a judge’s order.

“It has become personal. It looks like me challenging their authority — that’s unacceptable. Me having, you know, a big mouth, and when I open my mouth, they don’t like it.


Other accusations of abuse:

“So it was, clearly, you could see it was a vendetta. They recognized us right away. They knew who we were and they were mocking us. One jailer would just, you know, put his hands like, ‘Praise the Lord,’ laughing at us and pointing, like, totally mocking our faith, mocking us. Zero respect not just for a clergyman, zero respect for us as humans. We were dogs. That’s how we were treated there.”

Artur warned the world:

“They’re doing this to me, they’re going to come after you. It’s just a matter of time. We have become political prisoners in Canada because we dare to challenge their corruption. … The politicians are corrupted people. The jail system is corrupted.”

He might know a thing or two about corruption.

From The Daily Wire:

Pawlowski, who grew up under the jackboot of the Soviets behind the Iron Curtain in Poland, said, “I have been warning you for 16 years about what’s coming, and it’s here. And it’s up to you. Either you are going to keep pushing as hard as you can, or you are going to be [swallowed] by those people. The history is teaching us that those types of people will never stop.”

Artur blasted the “evil” Powers That Be:

“(Alberta Premier) Jason Kenney coming out and saying that, ‘I’m going to crush Pawlowski,’ that really broke my heart because it shows the level of evil. Evil! They’re evil people. The Premier of Alberta is an evil man.”



“I think we have fallen very, very low in our country.”

Watch the impassioned interview below:

Surely just a few years ago, many wouldn’t have believed a North American pastor could be sent to prison for holding church.

Yet, here we are.

Might this be where we stay?

One thing’s for sure: It’s a different world.


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