Diagnosing the Debacle: Professor Reportedly Blames Cypress College Uproar on White Supremacy

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In April, I covered the story of a Zoom class discussion at California’s Cypress College.

Amid a communications report, student Braden Ellis claimed cancel culture is “so destructive and tearing our country apart.”


The freshman pointed to last year’s controversy over kids’ cartoon Paw Patrol.

In case you missed that uproar, June saw criticism of the show for portraying “good cops.”

The New York Times assessed the damage thusly:

Paw Patrol seems harmless enough, and that’s the point: The (justice/anti-police) movement rests on understanding that cops do plenty of harm.

By contrast, Braden claimed police are “heroes.”

His teacher was of a different mind, as her many remarks made clear:

  • “So you brought up the police in your speech a few times. So what is your…main concern? Since, I mean, honestly…the issue is systemic.”
  • “[T]he whole reason we have police departments in the first place — where did it stem from? … It stems from people in the South wanting to capture runaway slaves.”
  • “[A] lot of police officers have committed atrocious crimes and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it.”
  • “[W]hat is your bottom-line point? You’re saying police officers should be revered? Viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows [for] children?”
  • “I wouldn’t call the police. … I don’t trust them. … My life’s in more danger in their [presence].”

The ordeal went viral, preceding the instructor’s leave of absence.

Via a school statement, Cypress indicated she wasn’t planning a return:


The adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College. This was her first course at Cypress and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall.

And now, another video’s pegged the reason the whole thing went down.

As it turns out, it was due to corruption of the KKK kind.

What, exactly, is white supremacy?

Reportedly, Cypress professor Maha Afra believes it’s what was battled on Zoom.

According to The Daily Wire, she posted a video laying it out:

The clip announces, “Academic Freedom is under attack by White Supremacy.”

Per the pushback, all the communications teacher did was “[challenge] his arguments” by “what we call ‘academic discourse.'”

“It’s easy to paint Braden as an innocent victim of what he calls ‘cancel culture,'” the video says, “but cancel culture is really ‘consequence culture.'”

Next, the post serves up some consequence:

“For example, here he is holding up the White Power symbol while wearing MAGA gear.”

Cue a photo of Braden and an older man touching their forefingers to their thumbs.


Following that, viewers are given “some other things to consider”:

“The video is of a class presentation over Zoom where other students were present. The professor was doing her job of questioning him, as is standard in university classrooms. But Cypress College still put her on leave — for doing her job.”

The tweet goes on to ask “folks to do public comment at the board of trustees meeting.”

It subsequently provides meetings’ dates and times.

“Tell the district to protect its faculty and students and to stand up against white supremacy and police violence.”

Perhaps the video’s creators never saw Saturday Night Live in its glory days–

Or the presidency of Barack Obama:

So goes sinister symbology…

Meanwhile, as for the definition of white supremacy, RedState’s Jeff Charles has thoughts.

He recently referenced the dictionary:

The definition of white supremacy, according to Merriam-Webster is: “the social, economic, and political systems that collectively enable white people to maintain power over people of other races.”


Jeff’s got a different take on racism and issues concerning the cops:

If the “Defund the Police” crowd have their way, it will result in “social, economic, and political” conditions that will help to exacerbate the impact and legacy of racist government policies specifically designed to create the disparities between black and white Americans that we see today.

Nonetheless, evidently, some in academia are fighting the power of policing.

And they’re schooling everyone on what’s right — AKA “doing [their] job of questioning” anything to the contrary…AKA white supremacy.



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