Tennessee Congressman's New Bill Gives Critical Race Theory a Dishonorable Discharge

A Tennesseean’s taking Critical Race Theory to task.

On Wednesday, Rep. Mark Green announced a bill prohibiting CRT from being taught in U.S. military service academies.


According to the Tennessee Republican — himself an Iraq War vet and graduate of West Point — the belief system results in “divisiveness.”

“Diversity” training and “antiracist” curriculum, he said in a statement, undermines the military’s mission: to effectively fight.

Furthermore, the congressman contended, the controversial academic movement promotes lies.

Mark didn’t mince words:

“Critical Race Theory is based on a massive and purposeful misunderstanding of the American founding, American history, and America as it exists today. This is a Marxist ideology created to tear American institutions down…. The United States military service academies are designed to train leaders and warriors for combat—men and women of every race, creed, and religion. Critical Race Theory’s divisiveness will destroy the unit cohesion necessary to win in combat and defend this nation.”

The military is certainly undergoing a change.

As I covered February 9th, the U.S. Army issued new guidelines allowing lipstick for women and clear nail polish for men.

Also on offer: better breastfeeding.

From Army Regulation 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia:

Major changes include implementation of the AGSU, clarified policy on breastfeeding or pumping in uniform, authorization for breastfeeding/pumping Soldiers to wear an optional undershirt, implementation of the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform, and full transition to the Operational Camouflage Pattern — removing references to the Universal Camouflage Pattern.


A couple weeks after that story broke, the Navy made headlines via additions to its official reading list.

Courtesy of The Washington Free Beacon:

Four of the 16 books listed under a section dedicated to personal and leadership development discuss topics such as anti-racism, the criminal justice system, and gender politics. Their titles include Ibram X. Kendi’s bestselling How to Be an Antiracist, The New Jim Crow, Sexual Minorities and Politics, and Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward.

And months earlier, the government feng-shui’d the Navy SEAL Ethos into a gender-neutral, toxic-free triumph:

Whereas the statement once concerned “a common man with uncommon desire to succeed,” it now hailed “common citizens with uncommon desire to succeed.”

And the code which once trumpeted “I am that man” now flugelhorned, “I am that warrior.”

Back to West Point, an April report highlighted the school’s awokening.

The USMA Diversity Inclusion Plan, “Why Diversity Matters” section, was revealed as stating thusly:

The Armed Forces represent the nation it defends, including reflecting our nation’s diversity. … It is imperative that we leverage all aspects of the nation’s diversity to include gender, ethnicity, religion, education, though, sexual orientation, and cultural background to create and sustain an inclusive organization that attracts the best the nation has to offer. We must create an environment that appeals to the aspirations of American’s younger generation. Only then will we be successful in competing with the civilian sector for the highest quality recruits.


Recommended West Point reading, it was determined, now included works by Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones.

At the time, Rep. Mark spoke out against race-related training:

“It’s pretty concerning that our military service academies seem to be more focused on teaching critical race theory than military strategy. This ongoing assault on our military by the radical left is damaging to our readiness and our competitive advantage…. When it comes to training our nation’s future combat leaders, we need our service academies to train soldiers — not woke social justice warriors.”

And now, Mark’s trying to steer the entire service away from CRT.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s of a similar mind: In March, he called for the elimination of the ideology from Department of Defense training.

To hear Tom tell it, CRT is downright “anti-American.”

One thing’s for sure: In just a few years, the people in charge of America are going to have been schooled very, very differently than officials currently at the helm.

And that includes those responsible for our protection.



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