Man Arrested for Running a Serial Dating Scam, so He Could Get Birthday Presents All Year Long

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No matter how expert you are in the area of dating scams, you’ve probably never heard of the one run by a man in Japan.

Takashi Miyagawa was working part-time and dating 35 women — an impressive combo, to be sure.


Regrettably — brace yourselves — he wasn’t being completely upfront.

As it turns out, not only were his three-dozen ladies unaware of one another; they had no idea when Takashi had actually been born.

Yahoo News reports he’d given each conned companion a unique date.

A 40-year-old suitor believed his big day was in July, while another — aged 47 — was informed it was February 22nd.

One of Takashi’s thirty-something flames thought his life sparked in April.

File the reason under Evil Genius.

He began his double-digit dating spree while employed by a marketing company selling shower products.

And he’d finagled the feat in order to get showered himself — with gifts.

By dolling out different dates, the 39-year-old masterminded a system in which he’d receive birthday presents all year ’round — every month was his birthday month.

The girls had good reason to make his birthdays magnificent: He’d allegedly convinced each sweetheart his heart beat only for them.

And he wanted, the line went, to team up for life.

MBS News revealed photos of the man with his lovely lasses in various locales — parks, restaurants, etc.


He looked to really be livin’ it up.

The calendar-based bamboozling was a novel idea, indeed:

“What’s your sign?”

“All of ’em.”

But now, sadly, his Zodiac zone is surely Sad-jitarius: Takashi’s been arrested.

From Yahoo:

Takashi…is being investigated for allegedly defrauding dozens of women by pretending he was serious about each of their relationships and receiving hundreds of pounds worth of gifts from them.

He was apparently caught out when the women joined forces to create a victims’ association after discovering his extensive infidelity and reported him to the police, according to local media.

At the time of his capture, the Birthday Boy had purportedly raked in gifts totaling roughly 100,000 yen — 925 American dollars.

That booty included a nearly $300 suit.

Call it a religious ruse; police are currently looking for other soul mates who might’ve been taken in by the born-again (and again and again and again) swindler.

Of course, what he did wasn’t nice.

And it appears punishment’s pending.

Still, for a moment in time, the guy was a regular Hugh Hefner.


Unfortunately, due to his pernicious plan making the news, the dating daredevil’s likely to see a real reduction in potential partners.

Whereas he once was lovin’ life like a Leo — DiCaprio, that is…

…Thanks to the exposure of his con and the infamy it’s liable to impart, he may find that his dating game’s been downgraded to that of a Virgo.

Or some other, similar word.



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