Will America Elect a Transgender President? One State Senator Believes So

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Might the United States one day have a transgender president?

Delaware state legislator Sarah McBride says Yes.

Sarah has a fair amount of reason to think it could occur — the Democrat is America’s first transgender state senator ever elected.


Amid an appearance on The Carlos Watson Show, a question was posed by the host about the possibilities:

“As someone who follows politics closely, do you think the country could hire someone who was trans as the president of the United States?”

Sarah tossed up a twofer:

“I think it’s eventually likely that this country will elect an LGBTQ president and eventually a transgender president.”

It’s the path of progress:

“I know that we as a community, we as a country, are certainly making progress toward more and more trans people running for office, winning, and serving in positions throughout government at every level.”

Carlos referenced the first Latina member of the Supreme Court:

“You know, when Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, he said, “I think life experience matters,” in terms of how people think about cases and precedent and philosophies.”

“How do you think the life experience of being trans…could end up translating in terms of policy?” he asked.


McBride mused over a maxim:

“One obvious is the perspective around LGBTQ equality. Obviously, we know that if you’re not at the table, well, then you’re on the menu. As they say.”

Sarah’s not fond of phobias:

“You know, I think more broadly, the experiences of being a trans person…open one’s eyes to a number of different things. I see very clearly, as a trans person, how transphobia links with homophobia.”

And all that’s related to being anti-woman:

“[B]oth of those link with misogyny and racism.”

But here’s a curveball: Though people discriminate against trans people, they prefer to do it more to those who aren’t white.

Hence, McBride’s both oppressed and privileged:

“But then on the flip side, how my whiteness shields me from some of the worst discrimination that comes the trans community’s way, for instance.”

Sarah estimates office-runners who aren’t straight, cisgender white males all agree on one particular point:

“I feel very strongly that…trans candidates, LGBTQ candidates, women, people of color — we all bring to the table is this understanding that the longstanding distinction in our politics between economic issues and social issues is a false distinction.”


It’s certainly true that non-members of the Straight White Guy Club are climbing the political ladder.

These days, things not being par of the course is…par for the course.

According to Gay City News, 2020 saw a record number of LGBTQ candidates.

Transgender numbers were down a smidge, but there’s an easy explanation:

The breakdown of transgender and non-binary candidates has shifted since the 2018 cycle. There were 14 fewer transgender candidates this year, but that dip coincides with a sharp increase in genderqueer or non-binary candidates — 17 in this cycle compared to just four in 2018. It is not clear to what extent the shift reflected changes in the way in which individual candidates may have self-identified themselves to voters.

Per Gay City, Alabama was the only state without a known LGBTQ candidate last year.

Back to Sarah, the senator believes in American ideals:

“[T]he fight for equality for any community isn’t about some abstract moral principle. It’s about making sure that everyone can get a job that pays the bills, healthcare that meets their needs, a quality education that prepares them for the future. And safe communities where every person is treated with dignity.”


Will you live to see a transgender president?

If so, it may not come courtesy of Democrats:



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