A Different Kind of History Gets Made: Delaware Elects America's First Transgender State Senator

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There is no doubt the 2020 election will occupy a profound place historically. But November has made history in one way of which you may not be aware.

As reported by AZCentral, the Human Rights Campaign’s national press secretary made the books Tuesday — by becoming America’s first openly transgender state senator.


Sarah McBride — a male identifying as a female — ascended to a seat in the Delaware State Senate.

A video on social media shows Sarah declare, “We’ve shown this state and this country who we are.”

As indicated by the NowThis montage, in 2012, Sarah became the first transgender White House intern.

And 2016 saw McBride become the first person identifying as the opposite of their sex to speak at a major party’s national convention.

Now it’s on to representing Delaware’s 1st senate district.

So what’s the focus?


“Right now, I am very focused on LGBTQ advocacy, but I also wanna make sure that I’m working in the broader progressive movement to bring change on as many fronts as possible.”


In response to Sarah’s win, people of note took to social media with celebration.

Actress Charlize Theron — who announced last year that her then-7-year-old child had transformed from a son into a daughter at age 3 — voiced support:

“We are all a mess of anxiety right now but at least we can celebrate this incredible news.”

“Congrats to my friend @sarahemcbride and congrats to Delawareans for electing a great leader!!!!!” comedienne Amy Schumer wrote on Instagram.


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Congrats to my friend @sarahemcbride and congrats to Delawareans for electing a great leader!!!!!

A post shared by @ amyschumer on

TV’s Katie Couric enthused over her “friend”:

Debra Messing offered a big “YESSSSS!!! CONGRATULATIONS #SarahMcBride! #DemocracyWins”

Among other known names, Chelsa Clinton got in on the congrats:

And comedienne Dana Goldberg — same as MIT Technology Review biomedicine editor Antonio Regalado — cried:


AZCentral notes Sarah’s new status:

As a state senator, she will also be the country’s highest-ranking openly transgender official — and first elected official in Delaware’s history.

“I don’t intend on serving as a transgender state senator,” McBride told Delaware’s News Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network, last year. “I intend on serving as a senator who happens to be transgender.”

As the landscape of society changes, so will the sphere of politics. Sarah’s the first but certainly not the last, and changes in the state and local leadership will eventually be reflected nationally.

This election brings many victories and defeats, sending the national trajectory in multiple directions.

On another front and regarding things at the highest level, as ballot-counting and bold claims continue, I believe one thing remains true above all: Where the race for the presidency is concerned, Donald J. Trump will continue to fight.


As he’s proven for five unprecedentedly rough years, the man doesn’t give up.

We’re not likely to see much celebrity high-fiving over that fact, but it’s true nonetheless.

Amid the struggle and possible litigation forthcoming, he’s intent to make some history himself — that of a hard-earned second term.



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