Megyn Kelly Filets Fauci Over Lockdown: 'You Don't Control Us'

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You may have heard the recent news: Dr. Anthony Fauci’s informed Americans they might be able to have typical weddings.

At some point.

On Saturday, NBC News host Chuck Todd asked, “When can people plan an indoor wedding?”


Fauci was philosophical:

“[T]hat’s a good question.”

Not to worry:

“I think that’s gonna be within a reasonable period of time.”

“This calendar year?” Chuck inquired.

While we’re still cooped up, he’s not countin’ his chickens:

“What time of the year? You know, I can’t give you that exact date. Because it’s gonna absolutely depend…on the level of infection in community. If we plateau and stay at 60,000 a day and go up with a peak, I mean, you can make no prediction.

Consider the very-ables:

“If we keep going down and get to a very, very low level, when we’re there and we have a good proportion of the people vaccinated, I think you’re gonna see weddings in the normal way that we’ve seen it within a reasonable period of time. But there’s always the caveat that it’s not gonna happen if all of a sudden, you have a surge.”

Chuck thanked him for sharing his expertise.

Will you be waiting for the good doctor to give the go ahead before you participate in any normal nuptials?

At this point, I’m willing to bet people are more married to their resolve toward regular life than to the advice of any official on TV.


Meanwhile, former TV talking head Megyn Kelly had thoughts on Anthony’s advice.

On Sunday, she dumped on the doctor with a dropped bomb:

“Not sure who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t control us.”


It’s not the first time Megyn’s made clear she’s not in love with lockdown orders.

In October, she socked it to California Gov. Gavin Newsom:

Back to the prospect of weddings and other feats of ordinary operation, Anthony told Chuck the vaccine’s a real victory.

And in case you were wondering who worked that magic, Fauci high-fived America’s Commander-in-Chief:

“If you wanna look, Chuck, at the success story in this terrible year, has been the extraordinary, unprecedented advance with the vaccine where, you know, in January of 2020, we started the process and 11 months later, we had a highly efficacious vaccine going into the arms of individuals, which is going to be the answer to this together with public health measures. … What the President has done — is he’s done a number of things — but two major things is he’s gotten us a much larger supply of vaccine.”


That sounds great. Now if you wanna marry someone, hurry up before flu season strikes.

Or you’ll be having one heck of a honeymoon:




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