Courageous Cookie: Oreo Dips Itself Into the Equality Act, Tells America 'Trans People Exist'

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For the black and white cookie of corporate America, the creme filling is politics.

And it’s currently being dipped into the milk of messaging.

Personally, I don’t want to know what my cookie thinks. I just want to eat it.


I’m the boss of my cookie, not the other way around.

Maybe my cookie’s a Democrat; maybe it’s a Republican. I’ll never know — I just swallowed it.

There is doubtlessly now a generation which can’t imagine not knowing the politics of every product they support.

But such a way once existed, and I was there.

Politics and social messaging weren’t much anywhere. Life consisted of the people to whom you were close. And theirs were the words you heard. If you wanted to hear something else, you could find it for yourself.

Otherwise, the world was a quiet place. And it was glorious.

Currently, companies appear to believe they’re obliged to speak out.

They seem pressured to take the correct side of every cause.

Apropos, on Thursday, Oreo Cookies came out of the cause-et:

“Trans people exist.”

It was a novel move for a cookie. Almost.

The last few years have seen a bevy of statements from corporations concerning political and social issues.

On Twitter, Oreo’s existential statement got a mixed response:


The “rights” remark likely references the House of Representatives’ consideration (and passage) of the Equality Act.

As you surely know, the bill — among other things — gives biological men who identify as female access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

And that’s what social media’s for — ya know, pointless fighting.

Perhaps Oreo’s fighting for justice via the Equality Act.

But one user wasn’t so sure:


Either way, the cookie’s got another fight all their own.

From The Daily Wire:

While Oreo virtue signals on social media, however, Nabisco’s parent company Mondelez International is fighting a class-action lawsuit filed against them in Washington, D.C., by the human rights firm International Rights Advocates (IRA). IRA alleges that Mondelez and six other chocolate companies “knowingly profited” from illegal child slave labor in Africa.

The Guardian goes deep:

Eight children who claim they were used as slave labour on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast have launched legal action against the world’s biggest chocolate companies. They accuse the corporations of aiding and abetting the illegal enslavement of “thousands” of children on cocoa farms in their supply chains.

It is the first time that a class action of this kind has been filed against the cocoa industry in a US court. Citing research by the US state department, the International Labour Organization and Unicef, among others, the court documents allege that the plaintiffs’ experience of child slavery is mirrored by that of thousands of other minors.

Back to transgenderism, Thursday isn’t the first time Oreo’s dunked itself into the issue:

We’re living in an increasingly political time. Your shoes, your socks, your television…and yes — even your pillow have thoughts.


Such is life, as entities that used to focus on selling a product people might want discover that virtue is a product all its own.

And boy, are we buyin’.

Hopefully, we’ll soon taste an America of different colors and flavors which — like the Oreo — can exist as one.

That would be delicious.



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