French Government Launches an Investigation, Blames America for 'Islamo-Leftist' Influence Over Its Universities

French Government Launches an Investigation, Blames America for 'Islamo-Leftist' Influence Over Its Universities
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France is mad.

As it turns out, the U.S. has contributed to “Islamo-leftist” ideas that are cracking French society like a shovel to ice.

Hence, France means to investigate the influx and melt American influence on the college scene.

The government announced such — in the words of The Daily Wire — “following months of rhetoric from top French officials and leading academics warning against ideas coming to France from American universities.”

Per The New York Times, on Tuesday, French Minister of Higher Education Frederique Vidal informed Parliament that state-run National Center for Scientific Research will probe the “totality of research underway in our country.”

According to the Wire, it’s the first time the French Powers That Be have taken explicit action to oppose “Islamo-leftist” positions.

But the notion of national identity being altered by outside sources isn’t new.

As RedState’s Brandon Morse wrote earlier this month, “The extreme leftist ‘woke’ culture…has infected the country and French officials are now sounding the alarm that it must not infect France itself. … [F]rench officials see what’s happening in America and are making it clear that they need to be ideologically opposed to it.”

The Daily Mail noted on February 9th, “Some French intellects have…argued that American universities are to blame for giving justification to acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims. After three Islamist terror attacks last fall, Education minister Blanquer accused the universities of being complicit.”

And Higher Education Minister Frederique has slammed the impact of cultural conversion before.

The Times reports:

In an earlier television interview, Ms. Vidal said the investigation would  focus on “Islamo-leftist” — a controversial term embraced by some of Mr. Macron’s leading ministers to accuse left-leaning intellectuals of justifying Islamism and even terrorism.

“Islamo-leftism corrupts all of society and universities are not impervious,” Ms. Vidal said, adding that some scholars were advancing “radical” and “activist” ideas. Referring also to scholars of race and gender, Ms. Vidal accused them of “always looking at everything through the prism of their will to divide, to fracture, to pinpoint the enemy.”

Not everyone’s ebullient over the investigation, particularly among the academic set.

Frederique’s announcement, says the Times, brought backlash “among university presidents and scholars, deepening fears of a crackdown on academic freedom — especially on studies of race, gender, post-colonial studies and other fields that the French government says have been imported from American universities and contribute to undermining French society.”

Nonetheless, they’re cracking down.

In October, President Emmanuel Macro expressed that he’s not fond of an apple-pie kind of import.

Amid reference to “certain social science theories entirely [courtesy of] the United States,” the leader indicated he’d like to keep France France:

“And in so doing, we have left the intellectual debate to others, to those outside of the Republic by ideologizing it, sometimes yielding to other academic traditions. I am thinking of Anglo-Saxon traditions based on a different history, which is not ours. And when I see certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States, with their problems, which I respect and which exist, but which are just added to ours, I say to myself that it is reasonable to make this choice. And so we must, very clearly, re-invest, on a massive scale, in the field of social sciences, history, understanding of civilizations by creating posts, by stepping up dialogue, academic and scientific debate in order not to allow the knowledge, the understanding of Islam as a religion, of the civilization it underpins and its contribution to our country and our continent to become ideological and exclusively political debates.”

I’d wager many on the Left side of American politics find the world’s favorite place for quiche’s clampdown appalling.

On the other hand, if France adopts American ways, isn’t that cultural appropriation?



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