Culture Catches Up for the Kiddos: 'Blue's Clues' Reboot Teaches Children the Letter 'P' is' Full of Pride'


For those of you who loved the 1990s Nickelodeon children’s show Blue’s Clues, I have good news: In case you weren’t aware, it’s been rebooted.


And the new iteration is catching up quickly to the times.

As reported by Deadline, a recent Blue’s Clues & You alphabet song — featuring a word representing each letter — made a contemporary choice where “P” was concerned.

The letter was displayed with multiple bright colors as doggy Blue noted, “‘P’ is full of Pride.”

Here’s Deadline:

To underline its point, the “P” is in rainbow colors, the same as the colors of the LGBTQ pride flag. The letter is also surrounded by multiple other flags representing specific communities. Those include flags for the Trans community, asexual community, pansexual community, intersex community, gender-fluid community, and more.”

“The ABC Song with Blue” — which aired on YouTube, not television — goes a little somethin’ like this:

As for promoting Pride, this ain’t Nickelodeon’s first rainbow rodeo.

The Daily Wire notes, “Nickelodeon has been an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ pride, with Nick Jr. celebrating Pride Month on its Instagram page last year.

In December 2020, the network issued the Trans Acting Challenge.


From my coverage at the time:

[Actor Michael D. Cohen] — who played a character named Schwoz on Nick knockout Henry Danger from 2014 to 2020 — is a [biological female] identifying as male.

And since making that fact known last year in an interview with Time — Cohen explained in a Nickelodeon Facebook video — trans tykes and teens have reached out.

“I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s and emails from trans kids around the world who, like me when I was a kid, have dreams of becoming an actor.”

And now your [junior’s] got a real shot:

“So I went to Nickelodeon and said, ‘I really wanna help make it possible for these kids to realize their dreams.’ So together, we are partnering to create the Michael D. Cohen Trans Youth Acting Challenge.

“The Michael D. Cohen Trans Youth Acting Challenge is open to any transgender and/or non-binary youth who love acting. Whatever talents your child has, we wanna see ’em. And we need you to help them put together their acting tape.”

Of course, Nick’s not alone in its cultural update.

In 2019, the Disney Channel spotlighted its first same-sex teen couple in kids show Andi Mack.


Back to Blue’s Clues, “P” is for Pride…but at Nickelodeon and elsewhere, it’s also for Progress.



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