Nickelodeon Creates the 'Trans Youth Acting Challenge' to Help Aspiring Transgender Child Stars

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If you’re a parent desperate to get your child into the acting game, kids entertainment titan Nickelodeon’s got just the thing.

The network is pairing with actor Michael D. Cohen to offer your little Lauren Bacall the chance to receive recognition and score a spot in a special Zoom acting class.

That’s right — your miniature Marlon Brando need only have a thirst for thespianism, be underaged, and identify as the opposite of their sex.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Michael — who played  a character named Schwoz on Nick knockout Henry Danger from 2014 to 2020 — is a female identifying as male.

And since making that fact known last year in an interview with Time — Cohen explained in a Nickelodeon Facebook video — trans tykes and teens have reached out.

From the clip:

“I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s and emails from trans kids around the world who, like me when I was a kid, have dreams of becoming an actor.” 

And now your junior Judy Garland’s got a real shot:

“So I went to Nickelodeon and said, ‘I really wanna help make it possible for these kids to realize their dreams.’ So together, we are partnering to create the Michael D. Cohen Trans Youth Acting Challenge.”

Read all about it:

“The Michael D. Cohen Trans Youth Acting Challenge is open to any transgender and/or non-binary youth who love acting. Whatever talents your child has, we wanna see ’em. And we need you to help them put together their acting tape.”

So get your reduced Robert DeNiro in gear; those golden doors await:

“We’re gonna put together 12 submissions, and they will be invited to participate in a very special Zoom acting master class with me. And everyone who submits a tape will be invited to participate in a webinar with me and the Nickelodeon casting team to ask whatever questions are on their minds.”

Your son/daughter/offspring has only to qualify:

“So if your child loves acting and meets these requirements, then go to, where you can find all the submission information for your child’s audition.”

The listed necessities:

  • Identify as transgender or non-binary
  • Reside in the U.S. or Canada

Transgenderism is certainly getting Hollywood heat where kids are concerned. As I covered in July, the TV-G reboot of hit The Baby-Sitters Club featured a 9-year-old boy identifying as a girl.

Keeping it true to life, the character was played by a transgender actor:

And soon, that next casting call could fall in the favor of your non-binary or transgender tiny Tallulah Bankhead.

Back to the Nickelodeon video, Michael enthused, “I am so excited to see these auditions. This is a dream come true for me, too.”



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