A Major Airline Puts the Voters Who Confronted Graham and Romney on a No-Fly List


There’s been a lot of talk lately of banishment.

Add this to the list, though it’s a bit of a different flavor.

You may be familiar with recent airport encounters involving Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Mitt Romney (Utah).


In clips released online, people addressed the congressmen — Mitt in Salt Lake City and Lindsey in D.C. — over the Electoral College certification of the 2020 presidential election.

Turns out, they weren’t too thrilled with the politicians’ positions.

A woman asked Romney, “Why aren’t you supporting President Trump?”

In the Graham post, people chanted, “Traitor!”

In case you missed ’em:


Delta CEO Ed Bastian was less than impressed.

Thus, speaking to Reuters, he said the airline had placed passengers involved in the incidents on a no-fly list.

Considering the commerce of the moment, Delta must certainly be concerned in order to remove people as potential customers — check the prices right now, and you’ll see not a whole lot of Americans are flying the friendly skies.

As for banning belligerence, the Hill relays there may necessarily be more to come:

The ban comes as the Federal Aviation Administration said it will tighten enforcement of penalties against passengers that physically or verbally threaten airline crew or passengers.

The Associated Press reported that the agency cited a “disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior” due to passengers refusing to wear masks and violence at the U.S. Capitol.


Per the Reuters piece, Delta reports a $12.4 billion loss for 2020.

It’s the first loser of a year since 2009.

The company’s operating revenue for the past year: $17 billion.

In 2019, it posted a profit of $4.8 billion.

In the fourth courter of 2020, Delta took a $755 million hit.

CEO Ed expects things to start picking up…some:

“We don’t anticipate that by the summer travel will be back anywhere close to where it previously was, but it will be a meaningful improvement, sufficient to be able to drive profitability for us in the back half of the year.”

But will it? We were once informed of “15 Days to Slow the Spread.”

Now look at us — it’s well past sixteen.

As noted by Reuters, “The strength of the recovery will hinge on factors such as the pace of vaccine rollouts and people’s appetite for flying after a year that nearly brought global travel to a halt.”

That vaccine thing may be slow going — one poll indicates only 46% of Americans report they’ll likely get the shots.

Back to the no-fly list, Delta’s added to it in another way as well.

It’s banned, not people, but pistols.

And rifles.

Depending on their destination.

From The Daily Caller:

Delta’s decision to ban these passengers is accompanied by another announcement that they will not allow passengers to check firearms on any flights arriving near D.C. before the inauguration, according to CNBC.


Amid all our contemporary tumult, the airline’s making one thing clear: For anyone planning to cause a problem…that ain’t gonna fly.



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