Washington Post Columnist Asks: How Can Those in the 'Trumpist Cult' Be 'Deprogrammed'?

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So what should become of the nation’s Trump supporters?

An NBC analyst and Washington Post columnist has an idea.

On Tuesday, amid a conversation with guest Nikole Hannah-Jones, WaPo man Eugene Robinson asked how “we start [the] process.”


The procedure involves a sort of mad religious group.

Here’s how Eugene characterized the work cut out for the country:

“We have, there are millions of Americans — almost all white, almost all Republicans — who somehow need to be deprogrammed.”

That’s a tall order — according to The New York Times, 74 million people voted for the incumbent.

They’re gonna need a very, very big deprogramming camp.

Eugene hammered it home:

“It’s as if they are members of a cult — the Trumpist cult — and have to be deprogrammed.”

Then he riddled Nikole this:

“Do you have any idea how we…start that process, much less complete it?”

She didn’t have an easy answer, but the author pointed “to history” as a guide.

Referencing last week’s events at the Capitol, she asserted “enforcement” might help:

“What, ultimately, breaks that power structure in the South is enforcement, right?”

Nikole’s certainly given racial issues a lot of thought. She’s the Pulitzer-winning lead essayist for New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project.


At least as far back as college, she was considering color and its consequences.

In June, The Federalist posted her 1995 letter to Notre Dame’s The Observer.

A few excerpts:

The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world. Europeans have colonized and destroyed the indigenous popluations on every continent of this planet. They have committed genocide against cultures that have never offended them in their greed and insatiable desire to control and dominate every non-white culture.

Christopher Columbus and those like him were no different [than] Hitler. The crimes they committed were unnecessarily cruel and can only be describes as acts of the devil. Africans had been to the Americas long before Columbus or any Europeans. The difference is that Africans had the decency and respect for human life to learn from the Native Americans and trade technology with them. The pyramids of the Aztecs and the great stone heads of the Olmecs are lasting monuments to the friendship of these two peoples. But as David Walker wrote in his Appeal in 1829, the white men acted “more like devils than accountable men…whites have always been an unjust, jealous, unmerciful, avaricious, and bloodthirsty set of beings, always seeking after power and authority.”

She also lamented late-20th-century dastardly deeds:

It was just common knowledge that the white man’s word could not be trusted. Even today, the descendants of these savage people pump drugs and guns into the Black community, pack Black people in the squalor of segregated urban ghettos, and continue to be bloodsuckers in our communities.


It sounds as if there was a need for deprogramming, long before Trump.

Back to 74 million voters, surely TV’s talking heads will continue to debate the best way to re-educate them.

But if I had to guess, I’d say most of those who pulled the lever for Red will #Resist a forced changing of their minds.



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