'Cosmo' Manhandles Myths With Its New Series of 'This is Healthy' Covers - Featuring Plus-Size Women

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Amid our year kept at home, staying in shape hasn’t been quite as easy as before.

Wanna go to the gym?

No dice.

The pool?

All bets are off.

Fancy your favorite restaurant’s salad?

You’re comin’ up snake eyes — that small business went to crap(s) months ago.

Nonetheless, health’s still on the rise.

And in February, Cosmopolitan’s honoring the ascension.

As noted by The Daily Caller, the publication’s “featuring multiple ‘plus-size,’ ‘fat’ women in [an] issue that commends every body size as ‘healthy.'”

Superimposed on various pics: “This is Healthy!”

Cosmo’s championing “11 Women on Why Wellness Doesn’t Have to be One-Size-Fits-All.”

One featured model — Callie Thorpe — told the magazine she’s involved in the “body neutrality movement, which [focuses] on what your body can do rather than how it looks.”

She explained there’s no reason large women can’t be in the fit club. That nonsensical notion’s just the flab of fake news:

“Plus-size people often feel like they can’t be part of the wellness space. We are trolled for being fat, then can feel excluded from exercise because our bodies don’t fit the narrative.”

The lady’s had her fair share of naysayers.

Callie (cool name) confided to NotPlantBased.com in 2018:

“People tell me that my husband is going to be a widower because I’ll die of Diabetes before him. And they say they’d rather have cancer than be fat.”

But look who’s gained the cover of a health issue, ya faith-lackin’ losers:

That’s her on the left.

It seems to me the magazine’s move is befitting of the times: The outlet could’ve point out — absolutely accurately — that life is temporary beauty’s subjective, and people should do as they please.

But these are revolutionary times, and that calls for something more.

Therefore: All states are healthy states.

Another upcoming Cosmo covergirl: yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley.

Jessamyn describes herself as a “healthy fat person” and a “fat femme.”

If you doubt her, can you do this?–

How about this:

I’m 100% sure I can’t do this:

Speaking to Runway Riot, Jessamyn laid it out:

“A healthy fat person is an oxymoron to most people. People don’t realize that they can’t tell anything about someone else’s health by just looking at them.”

Of course, not everyone’s on board with America’s new savory science.

Consider Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels’s comment to People magazine on singer Lizzo:

“There’s nothing beautiful about clogged arteries. I’m not saying you are not a beautiful person, I’m not saying you’re not physically beautiful, but I’m saying being obese is not a beautiful thing, it’s actually a sad thing.”

Social media hasn’t totally transitioned:

The news has chimed in from time to time, too:

Either way, a new word’s on the street, and Cosmo’s not the first to spread it:


These days, whatever it is, it’s all healthy; you’ll live a full and fantastic life, no matter what.

Unless, of course, you take off your mask and go anywhere.

In that case, you’re shoveling your own grave.

Hence, it’s a big fat fact: Whatever size you happen to be, every day’s a gamble.

But life’s a buffet…dig in while you can.



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