House Members Eschew Social Distancing to Take Their Oaths - to Become Congresspeople, to Defeat the Virus

House Members Eschew Social Distancing to Take Their Oaths - to Become Congresspeople, to Defeat the Virus
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The best I can tell, coronavirus rules don’t mean much if there’s a political reason to skirt them.

I apologize — that sounds unfair. So far as I can figure, nothing means anything outside of political purposes.

Apropos, just months ago, America sat on the edge of its summer seat.

The at-risk rank and file relegated to their residences were riveted by throngs filling the crowded streets on the national news.

At the time, we were told by some it was good: Raging against racism trumps clawing at COVID.

The same just might be true of swearing in congresspeople.

As reported by Fox News, on Sunday evening, Nancy Pelosi read the oath to incoming freshmen.

The 117th Congress welcomed its newbies with open arms and closed distances.

The six-feet rule? It was 86’d.

Perhaps there’s a sense to the sidelining of social safeguards: From what I’ve read, any seat going Blue is a blow to racism, too.

Fox sums up Sunday’s sock-it-to-’em success:

While many of the members appear to be wearing masks, video shows hundreds of lawmakers wandering around the chamber speaking with each other in close contact and shaking hands.

Emily Cochrane of The New York Times called the scene “utter chaos.”

She also noted that some nixed their nose-covers to juke their jaws:

After the safety-shirking shindig, still-Speaker Nancy trumpeted Objective Numero Uno — the crushing of the coronavirus:

“As we are sworn in today, we accept a responsibility as daunting and demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have faced. Our most urgent priority will continue to be defeating the coronavirus — and defeat it, we will! #117thCongress”

Fox reached out to the California politician for comment on a lack of virus-vexxing distance.

So far, no response.

Perhaps she’s busy tending to the recent vandalism incurred at her multimillion-dollar San Francisco home:



Meanwhile, some government officials have more important things to do than vanquishing the virus — like plopping onto their platforms and planking over plotting against the plague.

Hopefully, a waged war was what they were all speaking about Sunday night.

They just had to get close enough to hear one another.

I suppose we’ll find out over the coming months.

Maybe everyone will keep their distance; unless, of course, it’s somebody’s birthday:

Maybe that’s what they were doing at the Capitol — Happy Birthday, Congress; you’re 116.

Although, since you’re above 70, you really should’ve social-distanced.



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