Respect 'Yoself': State University Offers Students 10 Pronoun Options...Plus Infinity

This cover image released by BMG shows :Life," a release by Boy George and Culture Club. (BMG via AP)


In case you didn’t know, women lead.

And Georgia State University’s paving the way for them to do so.

And if you’re a woman, at GSU, your options are wide open.


On the school’s registration page for WomenLead courses, entrants are asked to list — among other things — their first and last names, their nicknames or “preferred” non-given names, and their pronouns.

Forget amateurnouns — GSU’s gone pro.

Hence, the colleges offers 10 titles.

Here they are — pick your own:

  • Co, co, cos, cos, coself
  • En, en, ens, ens, enself
  • Ey, em, eir, eirs, emself
  • He, him, his, his, himself
  • She, her, her, hers, herself
  • They, them, their, theirs, themself
  • Xie, hir, hir, hirs, hirself
  • Yo, yo, yos, yos, yoself
  • Ze, zir, zir, zirs, zirself
  • Ve, vis, ver, ver, verself

It’s a veritable buffet.

Do the additional 8 make things better? It’s certainly making them more complex.

Of course, there have long been people who felt as though they were the opposite of their sex. It’s been written about in times way before these.

Putting all notions of transgenderism and gender identity wholly aside, there’s a sophisticated language revolution afoot.


And it requires, it seems to me, a burden to be placed upon youth.

Mechanisms of the English language weren’t meant to affirm one thing or another; they were only intended as distinguishers of biological sex.

But the combining of words is now in Beast Mode. And children and adolescents are being told to pick their emojis. It used to be ‘What’s your sign;’ now it’s ‘What’s your pronoun?’

And those words are expected to be inserted accordingly in each separate case.

In a room with an occupancy of 10, if each picks a different word above, can you beat the game?

Before any party, better play this to sharpen up:

But so it goes, and yo’ve gotta get yoself used to it.

The old folks are gonna have to catch up — even Boy George. 

Even he’s fallen behind the non-binary times.

He’s unwilling to adjust, and that guy’ll Tumble 4 Ya.


Maybe in time, BG’ll follow the mandates of our most modular means of messaging.

Meanwhile, at Georgia State University, women are leading. But only the most apt — class members must have a 3.0 GPA or better.

And as for their pronoun possibilities, the site actually offers 11.

The last: “Other.”

“If other, please enter them here.”

Therefore, there are infinite options.

Sophisticated, indeed.

Better buy a notebook for 2021; you’re gonna need it.



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