Cops Say Democrat Mayor Refused to Stop 'Til He'd Thrown His Crack Bag Out the Window

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Sometimes, when you’re trying to get away from the cops, you’ve gotta throw your bag of crack out the window.

And sometimes, you’re a Democrat mayor.


Just ask Timmy Currier — he can attest to both.

Allegedly, that is.

Upstate New York’s Massena mayor was purportedly pursued by police Tuesday and tossed his crack bag mid-chase.

According to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Mayor Timmy found himself the wrong part of an undercover operation by members of the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the St. Lawrence County District Attorney.

Per the official report:

Detectives and special agents attempted to conduct a vehicle stop pertaining to an investigation of drug sales and possession that Mr. Currier is alleged to have participated in.

Apparently, the mayor weighed his official options and concluded “Just Keep Driving” was a reeeal standout.


Upon officers attempting to initiate a vehicle stop on Currier’s vehicle, he failed to stop and pull over for the officers for approximately one-third of a mile through the Village of Massena.

And here’s the real crack in his plan:

It is alleged that just prior to stopping his vehicle, Currier was observed by detectives throwing approximately one gram of crack cocaine out his passenger window.

But this is politics — maybe he could blame it on someone else?


Currier was the only occupant of the vehicle.


The Sheriff’s Office is asking for further dirt on the Democrat:

This is an ongoing investigation as detectives and special agents follow up on several leads. If anyone has any information pertaining to Mr. Currier and this activity, we ask that you submit a tip to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office app or the SLC Drug Task Force Confidential Tip Line…

The 55-year-old city leader was arrested for failure to comply with a police officer, tampering with physical evidence (a felony), and criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree (a misdemeanor).

The misdemeanor’s a bit of a bummer, but at least it was only crack and not baking powder: A man in Indiana reportedly pretended the kitchen staple was coke and ended up busted for a Level 5 felony — “dealing in a look-a-like-substance.”

So Timmy, cook your crack but don’t bake biscuits, and maybe next time run for office in Oregon — they recently legalized cocaine.

But if you throw it out the window, you’ll still be busted for littering — they keep that place tip-top.

Actually, on second thought…


Yeah…just park it in Portland, and you’re good either way.



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