CNN Reporter Jim Acosta: Trump Will Soon Become 'Another Crackpot on the Internet'

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I like reporters, because they report.

I like pundits, because they speak their thoughts.

Jim Acosta, it appears, aspires to be both — he’s a reporter in name, a pundit in practice.


Perhaps he’s a repundit. Or maybe he needs to be retitled.

On Friday, the reporter — a distinction normally given to those who solely relay objective facts — reiterated his opinion of Trump.

Guesting on Anderson Cooper 360, Jim regaled viewers with his reaction to the President’s Rose Garden statement on Operation Warp Speed.

Anderson — who recently called the Leader of the Free World a reptile — noted it had been a bit since the Commander-in-Chief had commented on the coronavirus:

“[T]his was the first time we’ve actually even seen President Trump in over a week, first time I’ve seen him talk about COVID in a while. His loss was further solidified today. The legal battles are falling apart. When is the inevitable going to happen?”

Jim was ready:

“Well, he was pretending in this Rose Garden press conference as if there’s some sort of way for him to get back into the White House come January 20th.”


The repundit may have been reading tea leaves:

“That’s not going to happen.”


“[The President] was even talking at some point about how he’s not going to let this country go into a lockdown, but then proceeded to talk about whatever the next administration will do, almost catching himself acknowledging that Joe Biden will be taking the keys to the Oval Office on January 20th.”

Acosta claimed the President’s work from here on out will be for nothing:

“But he was talking about the situation in New York, he was talking about the pandemic as if his policies going to have some sort of effect on all of this after January 20th and that’s just not the case.”

Eventually, there came something really remarkable…

From CNN’s reporter:

“He’s been tweeting, talking about how he won this state and that state,” Acosta concluded. “We have to pay attention to those tweets now Anderson because he’s the president. But after January 20th, he just goes back to being another crackpot on the internet.”

Call it a redefinition.


-ALEX, of REdState


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