Staggering: Teacher Scolds and Boots Kid for Admiring 'Hateful' Trump, Then Tells Mom He Doesn't Even Do Politics

Staggering: Teacher Scolds and Boots Kid for Admiring 'Hateful' Trump, Then Tells Mom He Doesn't Even Do Politics
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More than once, conservative Ben Shapiro’s described his tactic as a college student: He wrote what his left-wing professors wanted to hear.

That may not come as a shock — the university system is famously deficient of Dittoheads.

But is elementary school going the same way? Must your grade schooler placate his teachers politically?

Such might have been a more profitable approach for a Tacoma, Washington 10-year-old.

As reported by, on Friday, P.G. Keithley Middle School teacher Brendan Stanton asked young tykes about greatness:

“Who is the one person you admire, and why?”

Elsy Kusander’s little boy had an idea:

“I admire Donald J. Trump because he is making America great again. And because he is the best president the United States of America could ever, ever have. And he built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come into in the U. S.”

Trigger Warning:

“Trump is the best person in the world.”

As it turns out, the instructor wasn’t a MAGA man. Hence, he adjusted the boy’s hideous hot take.

In fact, he “adjusted” him right out of the class.

From KTTH:

Not only did [Brendan] boot the student from the chat, he proceeded to scold the child for his “inappropriate” answer.

As per video of the event, here’s how the teacher schooled ’em:

“The example that was shared in the chat, which I went ahead and erased for us, was not appropriate, right? Especially as that individual has created so much division and hatred between people and specifically spoken hatred to many different individuals. ‘Kay?”

It was “adjust” move:

“[I] went ahead and adjusted our settings. … [T]he settings should be adjusted now. … [I] realized maybe that question wasn’t clear enough, so we’ll go ahead and skip on that for today. ‘Kay?”

The guy couldn’t stop:

“Again, that individual has spoken hate to many individuals, and I don’t think it’s an appropriate example for a role model that we should be admiring.”

Interesting assignment — evidently, it was, “Tell me someone I admire.”

The kid’s mom didn’t admire that, so she had a phone talk with the teach — which she recorded (see above).

Come to find out, the assignment was about computer science…or relatives…or local folks. The instructor explained:

“I just tried to remind the students…to choose somebody who is either a family member, someone in our local community, or a computer scientist. Donald Trump would not fit that prompt.”


“I just didn’t want to get the class off track. The reason [he] ended up getting kicked out of the meeting is because I was trying to send him a private message, but he kept posting the same thing in the chat. So I wanted to make sure that he could still talk to me privately, and in order to do that, he had to re-enter the meeting because I had to update the settings on the meeting.”

Elsy Kusander noted she’d asked her little boy if he’d been disrespectful. He’d replied, “No, mom.”

Then she unbagged a feline — he’d called her into the room when he got ejected. And she’d heard Brendan’s statements about Trump:

“[I] was there, and I heard your explanation, and I heard what you said about the President. You said that he’s a divisive and hateful person that has been creating hatefulness.”


“What I heard is not what you’re explaining (to) me right now. You’re telling me that it wasn’t [on] the topic, but that’s not what you [said]. You said that it’s because he’s a very divisive and…hateful individual.”

Elsy pondered how her son would’ve felt, if he’d been physically kicked out of an actual classroom. Furthermore, she asked Brendan to upload the entire session so she could get “a clear picture (of) what really happened.”

He didn’t respond.

But the mom made things clear — the Commander-in-Chief deserves respect:

“The person who [he] was mentioning was the President of the United States. And I believe that, as Americans, we have to respect that — no matter what, if you don’t agree with other people’s views. [W]e have to respect other people’s views.”

Moreover, she didn’t appreciate her son being silenced:

“[W]hat I felt when I [heard] you talking to my son saying that, I just [felt] that…you didn’t like what [he] said, and you just shut him up because you [didn’t] agree with what he was saying.”

Brendan went on to say one child reacted negatively to the boy’s Trumpeting.

Elsy thought that excuse blew:

“If you worry about the back-and-forth with the kids [when] they don’t agree with something, I don’t think it’s doing any help to [tell] the kids that the President…doesn’t deserve (to be admired) because he’s this and that…because that’s your opinion. I mean, you’re asserting (your) opinion… … It really makes me think that…my son doesn’t have a voice in the class. … [I] think that being the President of the United States is something that you have to admire. So if he does…then he does…that’s what he thinks.”

Apparently, she was all wrong. In fact, to hear Brendan tell it, the guy doesn’t even do politics:

“My perspective has nothing to do with Donald Trump as himself, right? I try to keep politics out of the classroom.”

He said suggesting that a wall keeps out terrorists was insulting to another student.

Elsy wouldn’t back down:

“You’re entitled to your opinion. But as a teacher…you shouldn’t say those words or give the kids an image of somebody you disagree with that way.”

The teacher explained again — he’s just an apolitical sheep dog:

“I never meant to put anybody down. Right? My response to the class was just to try to get everybody back on track. So to try to think about positive achievements, right?Because all of the computer scientists were talking about did something to benefit society. … The exact words in the comment were, ‘He built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come in.’ But we know that our neighbors at our southern border are not all terrorists.”

He was talking to the wrong lady:

“Well, if you don’t know…you might know, but I’m from Honduras. I’m from Central America.”

“So you would understand,” he assumed.


“I personally believe that coming illegally to a country…is a crime. Here or there. I’m just telling my kids, ‘Go to Honduras illegally, and see what happens to you.’ … If you’re going to make those comments about the President, I would like to give the kids…facts. Because building the wall is not something that is hateful… It’s like you build a wall around your house — you don’t let people get in your house. So you’re building something to protect your people. Which, every country has their own borders and has to protect their borders. And that…is nothing hateful. And if somebody feels that way, it’s because they’ve been listening to…the media… [W]hen you address something with facts, I think it’s the better way to explain. But when you address something just with talking points, like ‘Yeah, he’s a divisive individual…I don’t think it helps anybody. and especially my son — he’s only 10. … [W]e love this country. … [I]’m from Honduras. I’m a U.S. citizen. [I] admire this country. I love this country. And I’ve been teaching my kids to do that. And to respect the laws, and to respect teachers, and to respect everyone. Because that’s the only way we’re going to live in peace.”

Brendan “appreciate[d] that feedback” and apologized. He also lamented that the session couldn’t be uploaded, because it hadn’t been recorded.

And he reiterated that the assignment was about about computer science (Or family members? Or people who are local?).


“Like I said, I do try to keep politics out of the classroom.”


He apologized if his words “weren’t perfect.”

In the aftermath, perfect or not, Elsy’s worried:

“As a parent, I am worried that for something my kid says, he will be kicked out of the school just because he doesn’t align with the views of the teacher or the views of the school.”

I’d guess that concern isn’t unfounded.

Then again, what I am saying? The guy’s the Great Shepherd of keeping politics out of the classroom.

Given that he’s teaching what to think and not how, sounds like a German Shepherd.

The old kind.



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