Knock Out: UFC Champ's Victory Speech Delivers Brutal MAGA Message, Promises 'Beating' of 'Sleepy Joe'

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Ronaldo Souza, right, throws right at Chris Weidman during the third round of a middleweight mixed martial arts bout at UFC 230, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, at Madison Square Garden in New York. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)



If you’re a fan of MMA and an avid supporter of President Trump, Saturday night was your night.

After defeating former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley at Las Vegas’s UFC Apex, dominator Colby Covington eschewed a status-quo victory speech for something especially rare in professional sports.

You’ve seen a multitude of left-wing messages in top-tier athletics this year; here’s how the opposite looks:

While speaking with ESPN, Colby told host Jon Anik he’d take it from there:

“[L]et me start off by saying you’ve been doing a tremendous job lately. You’ve been working so hard tonight, so let me take this off your hands for a minute.”

For those of you Biden your time ’til November…Trigger Warning:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the silent majority is ready to make some noise. If you thought that was a beating, wait ’til November 3rd when Donald Trump gets his hands on Sleep Joe. That’s gonna be a landslide.”



Colby went on to thank the heroes protecting America:

“Jon, I wanna dedicate this fight to all the first responders, all the military out there. You know, this world would not be safe without you guys. You know, you keep us safe.

Then he took a shockingly critical aim:

“And, you know, not these woke athletes. I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards — like LeBron James.”

And then, it was over. The fighter made reference to nicknamed competitors Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, and he was gone.

“And speaking of spineless cowards, Marty Fakenewsman — Street Judas, we’ve got unfinished business. There’s nowhere to run, and there’s nowhere to hide. I’m coming for you. You’re next!”

As for the evening’s war on the mat, Colby vs. Tyron was quite the occasion.

ESPN reports:

“Saturday’s main event was billed as one of the biggest grudge matches in the history of the UFC welterweight division. Covington and Woodley have a long history, including both once representing American Top Team. Woodley flew the younger Covington into his hometown of St. Louis as a training partner in 2014, and the two had a falling-out.”

It was a huge night, but the real stunners came post-brawl.


While the NBA’s seen all involved refuse to stand for the National Anthem and MLB’s gone to bat for kneeling, Saturday evening’s broadcast delivered a champion donning a red “Keep America Great” hat.

And mid-interview, Colby was handed a cell phone. On the horn: the President of the United States.

“Oh — the POTUS is calling me!”

Via speakerphone, Trump offered congrats:

“You are a great fighter, man. I tell ya — you make it so easy. I don’t know how…you do that. … You were great.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. President,” the 32-year-old returned. “You gave me the dragon energy when you shook my hand on Sunday at your rally. And it doesn’t matter if King Kong was in front of me, I was not gonna lose after getting to shake your hand…”

As for Colby’s earlier remarks, the Leader of the Free World said he “appreciated the shout-out. I’m your fan, you’re my fan”

Again, Covington called to a 2020 win:

“I’m gonna bring you the new belt to the Oval Office soon after you win November 3rd by a landslide.”

“You get that belt and you bring it in,” Trump replied, “and I’ll see you, man. … Very proud of you. See you soon.”



Later, the champ tweeted thusly:

“Nothing makes me prouder than fighting for the people who fight for America!!! THANK YOU to all the brave men and women of law enforcement and the military!!! Thank You @realDonaldTrump for all the love and support!! The silent majority is ready to make some noise November 3rd!!”

And pinned to his Twitter account — from 2018 — was another photo of the pair.

“Like [Donald Trump] always says: Promises made. Promises kept. Pleasure to finally meet you Mr. President. Thank you for always putting America first! #maga #GreatAmericanWinningMachine Flag of United States.”


It definitely wasn’t your typical TV Sports night, and Colby’s not your run-of-the-mill athlete.

Over the phone, Trump called them “two of a kind.”

They certainly are — as we’ll see soon see (if Joe Biden dares), they’re both animals in the ring.



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