The Future Is Now: Congress Gets Its First Purple-Haired Senator

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FILE -In this Aug. 25, 2004 file photo Australian actor Barry Humphries, dressed as Dame Edna Everage, appears at a press conference in San Francisco, USA. Dame Edna Everage, the Tony Award-winning drag act known for her purple hair and oversized rhinestone eyeglasses, will soon open her final stage show tour in Australia. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)


On April 16th, RedState’s Susie Moore posted the story “Kyrsten Sinema Continues to Show Her Bi-Partisan Colors.”

Well, now the Democratic senator’s showing a different kind of color: purple.

Ring the bells — the future is now, and we finally have our first lavender-locked congressperson.

On Monday, Kyrsten took to the chamber floor with shiny purple hair, and the surfacing photos drew plenty of attention.

In a very Mysterio move, like the Green Goblin (or the Joker, or The Riddler, or The Lizard), she mixed her purple with some bright green. And in keeping with the comics, she showed up with a mask:

It was a groundbreaking look, but I suppose it makes sense: We’re all finding out what I’ve suspected for decades — dress codes are baloney. People are staying home and working without pants and still getting things done. I guess the revolution’s trickling into the legislature.


On the other hand, the last few years have seen Washington become a bit more more junior highish. A lot of sophistication’s left the building (for reference, see something puerile enough to perplex you purple — the Green New Deal). Is our first Capitol Hill cotton-candied coiffure a turn toward the teenaged?

Either way, Kyrsten let everyone know it’s her.

One tweeter thought it was the senator’s way of saying, “May the 4th Be With You”:

Otherwise, reviews were mixed:


One user offered an apt analysis. On July 21st of last year, RedState’s Bonchie colored Kyrsten as perhaps “the most conservative senator AZ has had in a decade.”

Twitterer geographile pointed out that Sinema’s snazzy shade is the perfect blend of both red and blue:

What do you think of the senator’s statement? This isn’t your grandma’s upper chamber. What would you say it’s a sign of?


I look forward to finding out in the Comments section.



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