Anything for Mom: A Man Finds an Ingenious Way to Visit His Mother Amid Her Nursing Home's Pandemic Lockdown

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Charley Adams is a man who loves a good surprise.

He must be, and perhaps he got that from his mother. The 45-year-old recently treated her to an unanticipated delight.

Julia Adams, 80, lives on the 3rd floor of a nursing home in New Middletown, Ohio.

Charley wanted to visit the woman who gave him life, but Windsor Estates Assisted Living was on coronavirus lockdown.

She’d been jonesing for some quality time.

“[My mother] kept calling me and saying she wanted to go out to dinner,” he said. “I kept explaining to her, ‘Mom, that’s not possible … you can’t do that right now.’ She was getting a little bit frustrated and disappointed.”

It’s no wonder — he usually takes her to lunch or dinner twice a week.

How might he see dear old mom?

As reported by Good Morning America, Charley got a tall idea.

He explained to GMA:

“[My mother] loves trucks. When I was a little boy, she used to take me to look at trucks, tractors and other equipment.”

The faithful son’s the proud owner of Adams Tree Preservation Service, so he decided to employ his company’s bucket truck.

The giant contraption boosted him right up to her window.


She was definitely taken aback:

“She [said], ‘Oh, my awesome kid, what are you doing?’”

That’s what she calls him — “Awesome Kid.”

Charley posted a photo of the fantastic feat on Facebook, and it got a lot of attention.

A lot — he noted — for Julia:

“[Friends and family] are calling her. It’s been really great because all of the phone calls really cheer her up.”

Way to go, awesome kid. It’s an awesome story.

And that’s something the world can use right now, more than usual.

Charley’s glad to oblige:

“If this little story can make somebody, even if it’s just for two seconds, smile, it means we’re doing something right.”

Right indeed, Charley. Right indeed.



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