'The View' Puts a Hand to the Face of Glass-Housed Elizabeth Over Her Attacks on Bloomberg: 'Be Very Careful'

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a campaign event, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)




On Wednesday, the ladies of The View offered a warning to former Cherokee woman Elizabeth Warren: Be “very careful” about striking against 2020 competitor Mike Bloomberg.

The group was neck-deep in a panel discussion about Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina, during which Liz attacked the billionaire (again) over not releasing female ex-employees from their non-disclosure agreements.

I ask at this point what I believe to be a reasonable question: Isn’t such prosecution the very reason he had employees sign NDA’s to start with?

Either way, Warren went to war on alleged comments made to a pregnant employee, purportedly encouraging her to have an abortion — or, “kill it.”

And the girls think Warren should watch it.

“[E]lizabeth Warren just keeps going for the jugular, going for the jugular…” Meghan McCain pointed out.

Whoopi jumped in:

“Elizabeth Warren needs to be careful. She needs to be very careful with this.”

Sunny was perplexed as well:

“I didn’t think that was smart for her campaign. I was wondering why she did that.”

Well, it’s certainly true that the Massachusetts senator has a few easily-accessed targets on her back.


“Native American,” anyone?

Her cultural/racial/tribal appropriation for financial gain was so immense, in fact, that three Cherokee organizations released an open letter Wednesday, reaming her out and telling her to drop and give ’em 50 via a publicly humiliating repentance (read all about it here).

But Mike kept it classy Tuesday, as noted by Joy Behar:

“To his credit, he didn’t turn around and say, ‘What about that “Pocahontas” thing.’ He did not.”

Don’t get Joy wrong, though — she doesn’t have time to worry about the abortion thing; there are bigger fish:

“You know what bothered me more than that…is the fact that he allegedly gave money to Lindsey Graham’s campaign What is the hell is that about? That…bothers me more.”

Meghan served up what was surely painful for some to hear: “He gave a lot of money to a lot of Republicans.”


“But Lindsey? Ugh!”

Whatever the case, Mike’s treatment of women is on the table. His girlfriend, in fact (as shown earlier in the show), had tried to tell America it was a long time ago, and whatever he said, no biggie.



Maybe not the best strategy.

Meghan feels the same:

“I think, for him going forward, though, he’s got to get this tighter. He has to tighten all of this up. He’s had a lot of time, he’s now had two debates, and if your girlfriend can’t go on TV and get your messaging really tight and strong, be the woman that is falling on the sword for you, she’s no use as a surrogate. I’m not impressed by her, I’m not impressed by him in the way they’re handling it. You gotta do better.”

In Joy’s opinion, if you’re looking for someone who can reach across the aisle, Mike’s a solid bet:

“If you want somebody who reaches across the aisle, Bloomberg is your man. So is Biden.”

Not if Elizabeth Warren can help it.

Still, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.

Elizabeth’s holed up in a glass teepee. She must’ve bought it at Sears, because she’s had it for decades — and it isn’t the real thing.

All those candidacies come with rocks, Liz. Look out.



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