A High School College Prep Course Shows Students a Photo of Trump with a Swastika: 'Been There, Done That'




When I was in school, we had slide shows.

It was back at a time when there existed such a thing as “news”: a dry reporting of just the facts.


I’m not sure where you’d find that now.

Back then, we young skulls full of mush would be shown a photo of POTUS with the most objective of narration: “The President met with so-and-so to discuss such and such at the blah-blah-blah.”

These days, things are a bit different.

Therefore, at Loch Raven High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, kids were treated to a great piece of, ironically, propaganda.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

[A] slide depicted President Trump next to a Nazi swastika and the Communist Party’s hammer and sickle.


So read the caption:

“Wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall.”

Below that: the swastika, accompanied by the words “Been there.”

Plus: the hammer and sickle, partnered with “Done that.”

Next to Trump:

“Oh, that’s why it sounds so familiar!”

I have what will surely be disappointing news for the teacher:

  • The swastika was the symbol for National Socialists
  • Few things could be more Nazi-like than that sort of indoctrination in a kids classroom.

Not all the parents were psyched.


One complained to Baltimore’s Fox45:

“The biggest problem is pushing an agenda on 16-year-olds. My understanding is that was just put up and it was left there for everyone to see the whole day. I was told that by another student who said the topic in that class was supposedly world leaders shunning other groups out. I said, ‘Is this part of the curriculum?’”

Others condemned it as well:

[B]altimore County councilman Wade Kach, who represents the part of Towson where Loch Raven High is located, said: “To even imply that our president is in any way a Nazi or a communist is outrageous.”

Dr. Richard Vatz, a professor at Towson University, said: “High schools are not supposed to take advocacy positions against presidents. They’re supposed to explain how political advocacy works, if that’s what they’re doing. They’re certainly not to take a position that the President is comparable to these awful leaders of the past.”

Even so, don’t worry — the message was only going out to teens likely to go on to university.

A statement from a Baltimore County Public Schools spokesperson cleared things up:

“This slide was used as part of a lesson in an AP History course. The topics being discussed included World Wars and the attempts by some leaders to limit, or prevent migration, into certain countries. In isolation and out of context with the lesson, the image could be misunderstood. In our Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which are college level courses, we expect and encourage analysis and discussion around historical and current events even if they are considered controversial. This lesson was not intended to make a political statement. If a student has concerns when discussing a controversial issue, schools have the tools to address the concern and support the student.”


So relax — no political message.

Shew — I guess objective facts live on after all.




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