CNN's Van Jones on Joe Biden's South Carolina Strategy: It's 'Going to Blow Up in His Face'

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How’s Biden’s South Carolina strategy lookin’?


To CNN’s Van Jones — who’s known, it should be noted, for saying things that are not crazy (here and here) — it’s destined to fail.

Earlier Tuesday, Joe’s campaign made a big announcement: He’s skipping the New Hampshire election night party and truckin’ it on to good ol’ South Carolina.

He’d scored the Fourth Place title in Iowa, and the 2020 hopeful was set to watch the NH party from a cozy place in SC.

And South Carolina’s not a bad place to be: Also Tuesday, Lindsey Graham predicted Joe will bag the Gold in the southern state (here).

But on CNN’s America’s Choice 2020: New Hampshire Primary special, Van made clear he believes Joe’s approach is gonna explode, right up into his kisser:

“It’s sad to see where he is in this campaign, but this strategy I think is going to blow up in his face.”

It’s a rope a-dope:

“Listen, he’s doing this rope a-dope strategy, ‘I’m just going to get pounded in Iowa, I’m going to get pounded in New Hampshire and I’m going to come back based on black people kind of lifting me over this sort of…all these deficits.’”


rope a-dope: n. a boxing tactic of pretending to be trapped against the ropes, goading an opponent to throw tiring ineffective punches.

Kind of like Rocky III?

Will this, in fact, be Joe Biden?

Van left a little bit of hope:

“And maybe it’ll work for him but it’s a very odd strategy. It’s a very weird strategy. And I don’t know if he knows that African-Americans are watching TV at night and see you can’t get white votes.”

Jones asserted that was one reason Obama got black voters: Those voters saw that he could get “some white votes, too.”

Other words Van used to describe Joe’s trajectory:

  • bizarre
  • sad thing


It certainly is strange. The guy was the vice president for almost a decade.

But the Dems tossed him out so they could thump Trump on the nose via impeachment. That process dragged him through more mud than this Pepsi commercial:

And otherwise, in front of the camera, he hasn’t exactly been an Italian Stallion:

But if it helps, Van — who served as Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs — did have some nice things to say about Joe the man:


“For me, I got a chance to work for Biden and the Obama White House. There’s nobody’s whose got a bigger heart, there’s nobody who cares more, there’s nobody who understands the pain of ordinary people more.”



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