It Wasn't the Worst Idea: An American Airlines Passenger Gets Booted After Boarding a Plane Wearing a Gas Mask

Image courtesy of geralt on Pixabay

Image courtesy of geralt on Pixabay



If you wanna make people really, really uncomfortable, you might consider boarding a commercial flight wearing a gas mask.


Just try it — see where life takes you.

For one American Airlines passenger at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Thursday, it didn’t go so well.

The flight was delayed an hour due to his refusal to take off the ghastly apparatus, which caused panic on the plane.

Here’s what it looked like:

Maybe not the most comforting sight just before you’re shot across the sky in a hollow tube with a gang of strangers.

Great job to the gate/flight attendants for letting him on the Houston-bound bird.

Tweeter/passenger Joseph Say recounted the experience:

“I had a seat in the back. I was sitting there. I was talking to the lady next to me. We heard a little bit of commotion. I looked up and saw a guy coming onto the plane wearing a full gas mask, which was kind of odd. He didn’t have a filter, which I thought was more strange.”


The weirdo wasn’t universally embraced:

“Immediately, people start talking in the back of the plane. They were worried. Most people wanted him off the plane.”

Sounds right.

“You couldn’t see his face. You couldn’t identify any features on him. People were worried he had sneaked something on-board and that he had the mask for his own safety.”

As reported by Houston’s ABC13, at some point, the guy finally got sick of people pesterin’ him:

When asked by a flight attendant to remove the mask, Say said the man refused. He eventually walked off the plane after the crew called security.

There’s also this:

It wasn’t known…if he was charged with a crime.

But don’t worry — he was likely just being profound:

“What we heard from the lady sitting next to him was he said he wanted to make a statement.”

As for what statement, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Most importantly — as if there was any doubt — your suspicions were correct:

The airline also added the masked passenger flew into DFW from Los Angeles.

Despite the mystery of his intent, this much is certain: Anyone who’s spent time in crowded spaces with the general public — in elevators and certainly airplanes — will agree a gas mask isn’t such a bad idea.


Every now and then, near a fellow traveler’s fly zone, a Gulfstream takes off following a sonic boom. And it enters a holding pattern around your head with a vapor trail that’ll make you nosedive. In those moments — as was the case with Flight 2212 — Houston, we have a problem.



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