Meghan McCain Puts Adam Schiff on a Kebab and Drops Some Sad Science About America's View of Impeachment



On Thursday, Meghan McCain put Adam Schiff on the grill and lit him up over his opening statement at the Senate impeachment trial.

To Meghan, the whole thing was a performance.


In a turn poised to surprise you not at all, Sunny Hostin thought Adam did an excellent job — he laid out a compelling case.

Alien Meghan responded:

“I think, as usual, I always feel like I live on a different planet than everyone that works on this show. Because when I saw Adam Schiff, I actually thought that he seemed very performative and that he’s clearly trying to –”

Joy was all, “Clearly what?”

Meghan went on:

“Performative. At the end of his speech, Cory Booker, Joe Manchin, Tim Scott, and Ben Sasse were all walking around in the chamber because they were bored or wanted to leave, and I think there’s just a huge disconnect in the way liberals view this and the way conservatives view this.”

Is there really a difference in the way they view it, or is there only a difference in who’s being honest about it?

Either way, if Meghan — who despises Trump like it’s goin’ outta style (here) — thinks the whole thing looks absurd, that’s saying a lot.

To McCain, nothing anyone says is going to make a bit of difference anyway. This is partisan and ideological warfare, and — some might say — it has very little to do with what the President did or didn’t do:

“This isn’t making a big impact on me one way or the other and I always do this metaphor wrong. The cast is die or the die is cast. And I don’t think this is going to make that much difference. I think if you’re a liberal, you think what you guys think. I think if you’re a conservative, you think — like me — it’s performance art.”


Joy blew me away here; she admitted, “It’s possible.”

As for Meghan’s characterization, “performance” isn’t a bad way to go, regarding the entire impeachment move.

Other words that could give it a run for its money: transparent, embarrassing, pitiful.

This is politics, after all.

Feel free to add to the list.

Meanwhile, Sunny has some words to employ in use of describing yesterday’s Dem performa– I mean, offering: “incredible job” and “uniform excellence.”



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