A Chinese Woman Was Arrested at the Delhi Airport for Smuggling Gold - and Not in Her Suitcase, but It Rhymes With That



“You think everything you do is great?”

There are other, much grosser iterations of such a question; I’m sure you’ve heard some.


But a woman in India may have actually accomplished a “Yes” to one of them.

As reported by NDTV, a Chinese woman at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi was arrested by customs officials for allegedly smuggling gold.

Her choice of transport was of particular interest, as the chemical element with the symbol Au was stored in a place frequently given the initials Ah.

It wasn’t in her suitcase, but change the S to a P.

The soft, dense, yellow metal with an atomic number was found in a place known for bombs.

The post says it all:

She was harboring 3 lbs.

To put that in perspective…you’ve been to McDonald’s…

She had 12 Quarter Pounders in her butt.

From the airport’s Additional Commissioner of Customs, Jayant Sahay:

“Customs officers recovered six dome-shaped pieces of gold…that were brought by her, concealed in her body.”

The gold was “valued at Rs 42.12 lakh.” If my calculations are correct, that’s nearly $60,000.


It’s been seized.

With rubber gloves, I hope.

This isn’t the lady’s first rodeo.

The passenger, who is in her late forties, also admitted to have smuggled one kg gold in her previous visit.

She was traveling from the Chinese province of Chengdu. Or, perhaps, Blingdoo.

It’s been said that “every piece of jewelry tells a story.”

Unfortunately, this one has a crappy ending: They took away her nuggets.


But there is a little bit of poetic justice; the joke was on the Customs agents.

This was one time it was especially bad to be a gold digger.



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