Fox Nation Host Who Saw Firsthand the Evil of Soleimani Marvels Over Media Bias in Favor of Iran: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like It'

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What’s going on with Americans appearing to side with Iran in the Iran/America conflict?


Fox Nation host Lara Logan wants to know.

Speaking with Laura Ingraham and co-guest Dinesh D’Souza, Lara recalled her time in the Middle East and her experience with the world’s premiere sponsor of terrorism.

Lara had strong words about some in the media (in Ingraham’s words) “carrying the water of the Iranian regime”:

“It is kind of depressing. I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Contrary to what may seem the pervasive narrative, the Middle East isn’t in unified mourning over Soleimani:

“What about the voices of the Iraqi people? What about the voice of the Syrians and the Yemenis and all the people across the region who have been celebrating Soleimani’s death? You won’t see them on the streets of Tehran.”

And why not? Because of fear:

“You’re not going to see this great display because they are afraid. They are so afraid of what the proxy forces — and what the Revolutionary Guards — are capable of.”

Ingraham asked Dinesh about the situation, and he waxed on the media response had Obama been at the helm during Soleimani’s passing:


“If Obama had taken him out, there would be…celebrations — ‘Obama is a genius.’ But since it’s Trump, they want to mobilize the Soleimani assassination against Trump.”

And here’s a profound idea:

“[T]hey are, in a way, willing to go into bed with the far enemy to defeat the near enemy, who is a greater threat to their agenda here at home.”

Onto Lara and her time in the region:

“One of the Revolutionary Guard’s proxy forces — one of the Iranian militias in Iraq — their task was to hunt down every Iraqi pilot that flew missions in the Iran/Iraq war. And that commander who was trained in Iran — was loyal to Iran, who was run by Qasem Soleimani — he killed, according to the U.S. Embassy, two and a half thousand Sunnis.”

It was incomprehensible brutality:

“[H]is preferred method to kill them was to drill holes in their heads while they were alive. We would go into Shiite mosques where there would be meat hooks on the wall that the Iranian militias used to hang people there.”

Lara recounted the story of one boy and his father:

“And I remember interviewing a young Iraqi boy whose father was taken in the night by an Iranian militia…and I will never forget him holding my hand and saying when they took his father, he had no shoes. And he ran and got his father’s shoes, and he ran after him. And the Iranian militia who were leading his father out said, ‘He won’t need shoes where he’s going.’ And the body of their father and a number of other Iraqis — like so many — you know, turned up in a dumpster…”


That story’s not likely to be bellowed from many mainstream news networks at the moment, and Ingraham summed up the bias this way:

“The hatred for Trump subsumes everything else.”

After 9/11, partisanship took a sabbatical; both sides of the aisle came together. Have we moved beyond such a possibility?

Here’s Dinesh:

‘There’s a little part in all of us that wants to believe that when there’s this sort of an international crisis and when there’s this sort of a monster in the case of Soleimani, that the United States will come together and that we can leave can leave politics at the water’s edge. I think we’ve reached a point where that’s not the case.”

He ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie:



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