On Thanksgiving, a Man Accidentally Shot Himself with One of Multiple Homemade Home-Security Bulleted Booby Traps



If you were recently tossing around the idea of setting up booby traps around your house, I might advise against it — particularly if you were considering using guns and bullets.


I’m only basing that on anecdotal evidence, but I’d say it’s compelling.

In a terrible turn of events, a 65-year-old Maine resident passed away last month after accidentally triggering his homemade security system.

The man called 911 — on Thanksgiving, no less — after having been shot.

As indicated by Van Buren police, while emergency medical personnel did their best at the scene, cops discovered a mechanism rigged to fire a handgun at anyone attempting to enter through the front door.

Additionally, officers found multiple “unknown devices” in the home, prompting a call to the bomb squad.

Tragically, the man was declared deceased at the hospital, so he was never able to tell his story.

But investigators determined one of the DIY security measures had been accidentally set off by its creator.

And here’s something you might not know: In some states, possession of a booby trap is illegal.

Kentucky is such a place, and in April, a man was charged with having one on his porch. One article covering that story featured the headline “Booby trap pierced with knives found on drunk Kentuckian’s front porch, police say.”


Although, in the case of 56-year-old Raymond Jackson, he seemed happy about it:

Photo Credit: Laurel County Detention Center

Personally, I’m a firm believer in the do-it-yourself- approach.

Even so, if you’re trying to make your digs more defended — for your own safety as well as in compliance with the law — maybe just get an alarm system.



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