On the Edge of Her Seat: Hillary Cheers On Protestors Demanding the Removal of the Guy Who Beat Her

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton sails alongside former CBS newsman Walter Cronkite during an outing on Cronkite’s sailboat near Edgartown, Mass. Tuesday, Aug. 25, 1998. The first family ventured out together for the first time since arriving in Martha’s Vineyard for vacation August 18. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)



If I had a friend who ran for president and lost, and if they decided they were going to do interviews in the future, or post things to social media, and if they asked me what they should say in those cases, I would advise, “I don’t know, but definitely never say anything bad about the guy who beat you. That’d make you look really terrible.”

Apparently, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a friend like me.

Hence, her Monday tweet, cheering on a group of protestors demanding that Trump get the boot.

Again — “…look really terrible.”

Hillary linked to a promotion by the left-wing group Indivisible.

She encouraged her 26.1 million followers to join the group and hit up an event on Tuesday to insist Congress gets real responsible:

“In America, no one is above the law. Join @IndivisibleTeam at events around the country this Tuesday to demand your representatives fulfill their constitutional oaths to hold the president accountable…”

As you surely know, the House Judiciary Committee approved a move forward on two articles of impeachment Friday, to be voted upon Wednesday. If the Democrat-heavy chamber sticks to party lines, the process will go to the Senate for — likely — the kibosh.


I can only imagine the former First Lady’s stocking up on popcorn and solely sitting on cushions, so as to not go numb while butting down on the edge of her seat.

She was definitely sittin’ on go on the 16th — hailing national defense:

“We must defend our democracy, and the painful truth is that the occupant of the Oval Office is waging war against it.”

A word of advice to people who want to join the ranks of the many who, when talking about politics, use the word “democracy” for no apparent reason: If, by chance, you’re wanting to undo the 2016 election, you’re working against democracy, not for it. Democracy actually has a definition — it’s a system of government wherein the people are allowed to elect their leader.

If you want to nullify America’s choice, democracy is not your priority.

As for Hillary’s high-fiving Indivisible, it’s not the first time she’s teamed up.

From The Daily Caller:

Clinton’s “dark money” group, Onward Together, has worked with Indivisible, a leading anti-Trump activist group backed by wealthy left-wing donors. Indivisible organizers on Monday morning wished “good morning only to those attending, hosting or supporting an Impeachment Eve event tomorrow!”


Hillary posted to Twitter going into the weekend with a link to trumpandimpeachment.com.

Yeah, one more time: “…really terrible.”



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