Another American is Arrested for Sneaking in Illegal Immigrants at the Border, and This Time It's Particularly Surprising: U.S. Marines Are Engaging in Human Smuggling



On Tuesday, I covered the story of a couple sentenced to a total of 155 months for smuggling over 100 illegal immigrants across the Texas border.


Well, the topic’s back in the headlines, courtesy of a surprising place.

According to NBC News, a Camp Pendleton marine has been arrested for sneaking people into the U.S.

The soldier had just completed his entry-level training, which — as per The Daily Wire — is comprised of “boot camp, infantry training, and…military occupational specialty training.”

The 1st Marine Division indicates the alleged crime took place at the California/Tijuana San Ysidro Port of Entry, which is the nation’s largest entry point.

Not only does the detainment by U.S. Customs and Border Protection join the aforementioned Texas incident, but it comes after three separate similar situations.

From NBC:

The Marine Corps said of the 23 (Camp Pendleton) Marines detained in July from three separate incidents involving human trafficking, drug distribution and weapons charges, six have pleaded guilty to charges at court-martials.

Of those, ten are in the “process of being adjudicated.” The rest have agreed to leave the Marines.

Two of the servicepeople transporting illegal immigrants for pay in July would purportedly meet “at a pickup point about 20 miles east of a U.S. port of entry at Tecate and seven miles north of the border.”

Camp Pendleton — as described on its official website — is “located approximately 38 miles from downtown San Diego in North County and 82 miles south of Los Angeles, Camp Pendleton has been the largest employer in North San Diego County for more than 60 years.”


“[It’s] the Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility, (and) encompasses more than 125,000 acres of Southern California terrain.”

Regarding the latest cadet’s caper, maybe it was good side money for the participant, or maybe he’s doing his part to #Resist. Either way, we certainly have a lot of things to fix at the border. Not to mention, perhaps as well, the military.



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