Pete Buttigieg Promises to Fight Our Great National Security Threat, Climate Change - 'the Hardest Thing We Will Have Done,' 'on Par with Winning World War II'



Pete Buttigieg is looking out for America. And as the aspiring leader of the nation’s military, he’s ready and willing to fight against our country’s dastardly security threat: the universally-agreed upon doom-guaranteeing scourge of manmade planetary destruction.


Speaking at a Creston, Iowa YMCA, he laid it out:

“We are already seeing evidence that conflict and migration crises are increasing because of things like droughts and fires that are accelerated by the problems in our climate.”

Pete believes climate change contributed to the Syrian civil war.

And it’ll obviously be a focus of his administration.

In a montage created by The Daily Caller, we’re offered a sampling of what Pete thinks we’re up against.

Buttigieg wants to modernize. It’s time to stop living in the time of Isaac Newton.

“21st century security threats include things like cyber threats as well as things like dealing with climate security. And here you have a president focused on what amounts to a 17th-century security solution, which is putting up a wall — at a moment when the biggest threats to this country aren’t things that are stopped by walls. They’re things like hurricanes…”

And forget the 1940’s work of the Greatest Generation. We’re going to really save the world:

“This is the hardest thing we will have done, certainly in my lifetime as a country. This is on par with winning World War II, perhaps even more challenging than that.”

Global warming is coming after our military:


“A…shockingly large proportion of our military assets and bases are endangered by climate change. Needless to say — especially from a navy perspective — a lot of that’s gonna be on coastlines that are impacted by everything from sea-level rise to the increasingly frequent and severe storms.”

In addition to the situation in Syria, Pete’s on board with Beto O’rourke, the multimillionaire who claimed your excesses forced Central Americans into the U.S. (here):

“We’re seeing more and more instability around the world. You know, there’s evidence that droughts that might’ve been partly worsened by climate change contributed to everything from the Syrian civil war to the migration out of Central America that’s starting to hit our own borders.”

Let’s fight the present power; see ya later, alligator:

“We do not have a 21st-century strategy coming from this president. After all, he’s relying on 17th-century security technologies like a mote full of alligators or a big wall.”

Bottom line: weather is the new war

“We could see climate wars in the future. Let’s not let that happen.”

This new era of national threat seems destined to substantially take the air out of spy movies. They used to be about things such as nuclear disaster. We’re already seeing the Bond franchise get wokened up (here and here); don’t be surprised by a future silver screen scenario in which James yet again saves the world — by fighting against the sinister evil of cowfarts.




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