Donald Trump Wins 'Troller of the Year' for the Video He Serves Phone Expert Chris Cuomo

[Screenshot from Donald J. Trump,]
[Screenshot from Donald J. Trump,]


Have I got a Saturday treat for you.

As covered by RedState’s Bonchie, Chris Cuomo made a fool of himself.

And no, I’m not talking about this:

Or this:

And not even — holy cow — this (Language Warning):

In case you missed it, Chris wanted to prove how ridiculous Donald Trump’s assertion was.

David Holmes had claimed he overheard Gordon Sondland’s conversation with the President while the two sat together at a busy restaurant — because you can hear that kind of thing through the tiny holes of your cell phone while not in speakerphone mode.

In other words, there’s basically no reason to ever put the phone to your ear.

And earbuds? Gratuitous.

Also, you know how two grown men love to cuddle up at the table while eating…

So Cuomo set out to spotlight the absurdity of the Commander-in-Chief’s statement that “he’s never been able to hear a phone call, when it wasn’t on speakerphone, from anybody.”


“I have been watching people making phone calls my entire life. My hearing is, and has been, great. Never have I been watching a person making a call, which was not on speakerphone, and been able to hear or understand a conversation. I’ve even tried, but to no avail. Try it live!”

— said the spider to the fly.


Make him eat your dust, Chris.

Watch the hilarity below:

On Friday, the Leader of the Free World offered his own video in response.

You’re very, very welcome…I’m loving that we have a president who does this kind of thing.

Gone are the boring days of Politics as Usual. Happy Saturday:



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