Terrence K. Williams Responds to the Roger Stone Conviction with a Question: 'When are They Gonna Lock Her Up?'

[Screenshot from Terrence K. Williams, https://twitter.com/w_terrence/status/1195419563137081347]
[Screenshot from Terrence K. Williams, https://twitter.com/w_terrence/status/1195419563137081347]


Surely in part due to his inimitable delivery, a lot of people — nearly 700,000 — follow Twitter personality Terrence K. Williams.


The political pundit — or, as his page puts it, “actor, comedian, commentator” — has a style all his own.

And a conviction to tear up some topics, boy.

In light of Roger Stone’s Friday guilty verdicts (see here), Terrence took to the Twitterwaves to share his feelings. And it seems he believes there are some others in line for a bit of the ol’ justice.

Specifically, he’s got his eye on 2016 presidential candidate — and, perhaps, 2020 hopeful? — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Here’s what he had to say Friday afternoon:

“Hold up — wait a minute. So they’ve done locked up Roger Stone. But when are they gonna “lock her up”? When is Hillary Clinton going to jail for the crimes that she committed?”

He shouldn’t hold his breath.

But he thinks a lot of people are:

“Half of America is waiting on this woman to go to jail for the crimes that she committed. This dirty, crooked old woman deleted over 33,000 classified emails. Not 3 classified emails — no, no, no — not just 30 classified emails — 33,000 classified emails.”


Terrence certainly makes his opinions clear.

And it’s clear to him that the former First Lady’s done the same thing Roger Stone’s been said to have done:

“And then they say Roger Stone is going to jail for lying to Congress. When is Hillary Clinton going to jail for lying to Congress? That woman went on national TV and lied to America and lied to Congress.”

Then he spread his sights a smidge wider. Get ready for it:

“Lying to Congress. Matter of fact, since we’re speaking about people lying to Congress, when is Congress gonna be held accountable for lying also?”

I like this guy.

He was on fire with revolt:

“All people in Congress do is lie. Adam Schiff is lying right now on national TV — lying on President Trump. So when is Congress gonna be held accountable for lying? All they do is lie. C’mon, now!”

In closing, he asked again:

“When is Hillary Clinton going to jail?”

Some say Mrs. Clinton’s corruption has been far too exposed in order to be a viable presidential candidate.

I think perhaps they’re right — about voters who get their news from sources outside of a few mainstream, pro-Hillary brands.


But what of someone who, for instance, only knows what they see on MSNBC?

Do they have the same information? And, subsequently, the same impression?

Whatever Clinton exposure there’s been, it was all done prior to November 8th, 2016 — Election Day.

And yet, she came very close to a win.

Might she have a similar chance this time around?

If corruption didn’t radically tank her before, why would it now?

In my opinion, her greatest foe isn’t her dirty laundry. It’s the relative contentment of swing voters.

We were told three years ago the United States would be destroyed if Trump won the election. People claimed coming atrocities the likes of which America had never before seen.

None of that happened. People got on with their lives, in a nation with the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in a very long time (here).

The complacent swing voter isn’t likely to want to roll the dice on Hil.

Or maybe I’m wrong, in either direction. Perhaps the voter base views the erstwhile Ms. Rodham with a more cynical eye. Or is she golden this time around?

Personally, I hope she runs. It’ll be nothing if not interesting.

But even more interesting: In 2024, President Terrence K. Williams.




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