Meghan McCain Asks Confiscatin' Cory Booker: How are You Going to Take Americans' Guns from Them? Good Lord, He Won't Answer

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]
[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


Beto O’Rourke really came up with quite the gimmick when he brainstormed a theft of America’s most popular hunting rifle.


He then pioneered a new level of unbridled ignorance while, at the same time he declared he would steal the guns, he refused to find out what they are.

Subsequently, he assured citizens that, as he stole their hunting rifles (here), they’d be able to keep their hunting rifles (here).

Kinda like when a privileged millionaire says he’s totally against privileged millionaires (here).

And he really put a bow on it by recently announcing you could keep your hunting rifle that isn’t a hunting rifle while you hold on to your hunting rifles — if you agree to store it at a hunting club.

I guess the privileged millionaire doesn’t know that normal Americans aren’t all members of hunting clubs.

Oh, well — let them eat cake.

So what does Cory Booker think of it all? For the sake of clarity, I’m talking about the guy who thinks the reason he’ll win is he’s obviously going to lose (here), the senator who says he wants to violently assault the President of the United States (here), and the candidate who told America if they don’t go vegan, they’re destroying the earth (hence, “Farticus” — here).

Quite the bouquet of eccentricities.

Booker blossomed on The View Wednesday, but he closed up like a rotten rose when asked by Meghan McCain about his ‘tude toward gun control.

The fiery blonde compared his endorsement of so-called gun buybacks to Beto’s bastion of burglary:

“When I heard you and Beto saying that, to me, that’s like a left-wing fever dream. And I want to know how you think you’re going to go to red states and go to my brother’s house and get his AR-15s, because lemme tell ya: He’s not giving it back.”


Good question, chick.

Cory backed up:

“My point is, I’m not where Beto is.”


“Good. Because he’s crazy.”

Cory tried to put the whole topic of guns behind him, and just talk:

“Well, again, we should watch the way we talk about each other. Seriously, we can’t tear the character of people down. We have different beliefs. That doesn’t mean…”

“But he has no problem doing it to me. I mean, he was very nasty to me about this,” McCain mccommented.

Back to Booker:

“But you and I both know that, just because somebody does something to us, doesn’t mean we show the same [unintelligible] back to them.”

I feel like I should point out that’s coming from a guy who served up the following while telling an Iowa story on network television:

“Donald Trump is a guy who — you understand, he hurts you. My testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly, out-of-shape man that he is if I did that. This physically weak specimen.”

Back to Meghan’s problem with Beto:

“I’m not running for president, with all due respect. And also, the way he talked about me inciting violence on this, I take very seriously. And I speak for a lot of red state Americans — whether he likes it or you like it or not, there’s a lot of Republicans you’re gonna have to win over.”


“And, Meghan, you’re a voice I respect and admire. But this is an important issue. What we say about other people says more about us than it does about them.”


She asked again:

“Okay, what about the buybacks, though?”

Cory went back into his old faithful Iowa tale.

She gave it a go yet again, “But with all due respect, the gun buybacks…”

But he just kept chugging along about “civic grace.”

Meghan: “The gun buybacks…”

Still going…

Dadgummit — just answer the question, man.


“Just tell me how, semantically, how you’re gonna get my brother’s gun back.”

Here’s what he came up with:

“Machine guns — we don’t have them on the streets anymore, right? Because in the 1980’s we banned them…”

MM: “So you’re gonna go to my brother’s house…”

CB: “No — come on.”

Joy tried to teach Meghan:

“It’s a buyback. It means he would volunteer.”

Hot air by Farticus:

“Come on — we could find the evidence-based way to accomplish this as a country. Other countries have done it. We did it with machine guns. Why are we playing into fearmongerers that wanna [unintelligible] this vision that there’s gonna be people showing up at your house and taking your guns away? That plays exactly into the corporate gun lobby…”


“But I’m giving you an example, for you to explain it.”


“And I’m giving you examples of how we’ve done it in the past, and how we can together do it in the future.”

He then placed his hand on his heart, and began, “Let me tell you where this comes from.”


And he still never addressed the question or the issue.

Dude, this is one of the many reasons you’re losing.

Oh, well. Check out the video.

And in the meantime, recall that period in America when everyone had machine guns. Just out in the streets. A little hopscotch, a little jumprope, a little machine gunnin’.

Now imagine you all turning in your hunting rifles the same way you did those other weapons of war.

Easy peasy, Cory Booker’s America.



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