Joy Behar Blasts Trump for Celebrating the American Victory Over ISIS: 'Stop Bragging About it so Much.' How 'Bout Obama's Triumph Over Bin Laden?

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What was your response to the news that American forces had gotten to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?


Was it similar to the Democratic celebration when bin Laden was cornered under Obama? 

One person not presently in the party mood: Joy Behar.

The dedicatedly partisan host of The View’s frigid over Donald Trump’s victory lap, and she made her iciness known during Monday’s episode.

Over the weekend, the President announced Abu had ended up in a northwest Syrian tunnel with dudes not necessarily interested in him living. Subsequently, he detonated his suicide vest, killing three of his children in the process.

View mainstay Whoopi asked, “Can we at least agree that the world is a better place without this guy in it?”

Joy: “Who — Trump or al-Baghdadi?”

Picture, if you will, someone on television saying that about Obama. Now picture them getting fired.

Which was easier to imagine?

Anyway, Behar went on to ‘fess up that the terrorist was a “bad guy” and she’s “glad” he went the way of the doornail, but she also slammed Trump for taking any credit:

“In this case, the Special Ops, or whoever they were, did this thing…so maybe he should back off a little bit and stop bragging about it so much.”

Sunny Hostin also had a problem with the Commander-in-Chief’s football spike:

“My problem is that, at least by New York Times reporting, folks inside of the intelligence community are saying that this operation was done despite, or in spite of, President Trump, not because of him. He had this sort of selective notification about the operation.”


Sunny said Donald J.’s a dadgum rulebreaker because he didn’t put all the Democrats in the know:

“It just concerns me that, even in something like this, he just doesn’t follow the rules.”

Is he really constantly in violation?

Trump’s explained why he didn’t give congressional Dems advance notice: Like a man taking caulk on a fishing trip, he didn’t want any leaks.

But The View ain’t known for its pro-Trump sympathies.

As noted by Fox News, Media Research Center’s Tim Graham lamented the general media response to the Stars and Stripes triumph over ISIS:

“What a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the liberal media. They have developed such an aversion to covering the President favorably, that they cannot even bear to celebrate an American special-forces victory over ISIS.

“They can barely acknowledge this as a win for our country, dwelling on trashing Trump’s words and questioning his motives. For them, this is not a triumph for democracy over violent terrorists. It’s simply a temporary distraction from their obsession with impeaching Donald Trump.”

View Co-host Abby Huntsman took the high road:

“It’s a huge deal. It’s a big deal. I mean, this is the biggest death of a terror leader since Osama bin Laden. When bad things get the blame, when good things happen, you deserve some credit. We spend every day on the show with a tit for tat and trying to find a hit on Trump, and say what a terrible president he is. I’m not going to do this today, because the men and women who were involved don’t deserve it. They don’t deserve that conversation. They deserve to be praised for that mission.”


Maghan McMcain — who, holy cow, is no fan of Trump (here) — had a simpler response to the takedown:

“This guy, Baghdadi, was the worst of the worst of the worst kind of scum on the planet of Earth, and I hope he’s burning in hell…”




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