She's on a Roll: Whoopi Goldberg Gives Another High-Five to Conservatives, This Time on Sexual Abuse

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[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


Give her room, folks.

Whoopi’s on a roll — just last week, the View co-host had some stunning things to say about those on the Right:


“There are some conservatives that have done some really good stuff. [George W. Bush], for whatever it’s worth, did a lot of stuff I didn’t like, but something he did do was he had a smart idea — how to deal with immigration. I liked that. And your own party — your own party pooped all over it, and it didn’t happen.”

If that isn’t a shock to you, then you haven’t much viewed The View.

But land sakes, she’s at it again, and so soon: On Monday, the EGOT winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) had good words for a conservative institution, though I suppose that characterization may be debatable to some.

While speaking with guest Ronan Farrow — who essentially launched the #MeToo movement and whose new book points to some not-so-niceties of Hillary Clinton’s campaign (here) — the topic of networks and their attempts to squash stories of sexual harassment arose.

According to Catch and Kill, NBC shuttered Ronan’s exposé of Harvey Weinstein, which resulted in his fire-starting piece for the New Yorker.

Meghan McCain asked:

“Will the current management at NBC survive? For me, it’s hard for me to understand why they have jobs.”

Sunny Hostin seconded:


“Agree. Why do they have jobs? We’re talking about Andy Lack and Noah Oppenheim — people that killed your story for various reasons, they say.”

“Right. Whatever the reasons — and their rebuttals are included in full in this book — they killed that story that went on to be that significant. And there’s more about them in the book,” Ronan replied.

“It is very fair to them, and I think it is correct that the wonderful journalists at NBC are calling for action, asking tough questions. I don’t know what form that takes.”

Meghan tipped things over to Fox News:

“There was more of a societal outcry about Fox management, and I think it’s interesting, working at Fox. Heads rolled very quickly.”

Assist by Ronan:

“And CBS reported on that.”

Then the clouds parted, and light shone as bright as her recent British-judge-do. Whoopi opened her mouth, and this came flying out on the wings of a dove:

“You have to be willing, you know? You have to be willing to purge. And that’s the — that’s the difference. You have to be willing to purge and willing to move forward. ‘Cause whatever Fox News says, they were willing to do that.”


The charms of Fox, uttered on ABC’s #1 talkfest? Hearing that’s like spotting a dodo bird.


Just as a reminder, here’s a bit o’ the show’s history with FNC…I’ll leave you with this discussion about Ground Zero (I love “Here comes one of ’em back”).

Saunter with me down Memory Lane…and enjoy:



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