A Female-Only Hotel Has Opened. Now Women Can Finally Get What They Want Most on Vacation - No Affection Whatsoever



Wanna jet off to a spankin’ new hotel in Spain? If the joint you’re wantin’ to hole up in is Som Dona on the island of Majorca, better prepare to flaunt your womanly ways.


Sometimes girls need to a break — from all those privileged perverts of the patriarchy.

Therefore, the resort provides a chance for chicks to “disconnect from the stress of daily life that offers personalised care tailored to their needs.”

Here’s how the official website describes it:

With bold decoration inspired by feminine features, this modern, functional and unique hotel in Porto Cristo guarantees a truly relaxing vacation on the seashore surrounded by nature. At this hotel, you can enjoy the best healthy cuisine made with “zero-kilometer” products, a wellness area, a pool, free WiFi, comfortable rooms, a bar lounge and a unique atmosphere designed for women.

A broad range of services and plans designed specifically for a feminine audience that will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

So Valeria goes there with her gal pals, loves it and blurts, “I’ll have to bring Mateo here so we– dang it!”

Do many girls take travel holidays by themselves or only with other women? Isn’t part of the attraction of an island getaway samplin’ a bit o’ the ol’ nekkid cuddlin’?

Perhaps that’s all old hat these days.

Whether ladies-only lodging is in vogue or no, it’s certainly affordable: Girls who take their morning coffee with no sugar and their hotel beds with no hairy-backed kisser can snag a room for about 93 bucks.

But by the way, you can’t take your kids: no one under 14 is allowed.


If all this is sounding perfecto, the hotel’s website wants you to know things:

Did you know that you can be wild, healthy, fun, beautiful, relaxed, adventurous, curious and social all at once?

Well, did you?

As reported by The Mirror, Som Dona does employ some men in order to comply with gender discrimination laws. So watch out — despite those “healthy” benefits, as we discovered recently, sausage causes cancer (here).

But for those of you hoping to beat the system and smuggle in your own macho melanoma, you’re in luck:

As we also learned not long ago from one of America’s higher institutions of learning, “Not all women have vaginas.”

Party on.



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