Van Jones: Democrats are in a Lose-Lose Situation with Impeachment. Is He Right?

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Political commentator and former Obama advisor Van Jones told CNN’s Erin Burnett Thursday night the Democrats are really shooting themselves in the foot.


Boy, are they.

Erin asked Van what he’s heard from the many voters to whom he’s spoken regarding Dems’ drive to the impeachment hoop.

Van believes the coordinated attack is just going to galvanize Republicans in an election year.

He makes a good point:

“You know, it’s a tricky thing, the impeachment process, because for some Republicans it makes them want to rally around the flag.”

He recalled a similar situation in the 90’s:

“I remember when I was anti-Bill Clinton from the left and they tried to impeach him and suddenly Clinton was my best friend.”

He’s right. It’s the nature of things.

Take two middle school brothers who fight constantly. Regardless of their turmoil with one another, if you mess with one, they’ll both beat the snot out of you. People come together when there’s a threat.

But, in Van’s estimation, those opposing Trump are in a mess if they don’t impeach, too — their base is expecting action.

“So, I think you get cross currents in this thing. At the same time, Democrats are in a lose-lose situation. If they don’t do something, their own base is going to feel disappointed, and you feel like maybe Trump gets away with too much. If you go through with the impeachment, though, you can divide the country further, you can take the oxygen away from your candidates and you still don’t solve the problem of foreign interference.”


He may not be wrong, though it’s for silly reasons. Over the last two years or so, Democratic leaders and talking heads on the boob tube have said some of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard come out of people’s mouths. I’ve been astonished by the move from debate of issues to totally outlandish, self-cancelling claims about Trump and his supporters — like Trump wants to round up people and murder them (here), is setting up leaders to be murdered (here), is a white supremacist who’s afraid of black people (here), aches to be an evil dictator (here), and is potentially part of a “thousand-year reich” (here). Not to mention that’s he’s conspiring against America and in cahoots with foreign enemies.

I believe that rhetoric has frightened and inflamed a portion of the populace, which is now demanding action for the boogie man to be booted from Pennsylvania Avenue.

But here’s another lose-lose: The more they take the ladle and scoop out Ukraine, the more Joe Biden’s gonna be in the soup.

Joe’s political worth will be sacrificed for the thrill of the hunt via impeachment proceedings, which will leave Dandelion Elizabeth Warren to face Venus Fly Trap Trump on the debate stage. That poor lady will be absolutely eviscerated.

And voilà: Trump 2020.

The Democrats have really blown it.

What are your thoughts? Is there any winning move here in their assault on Trump’s presidency? Let us all know in the Comments section, which you can now access from your mobile phone without switching to the desktop version of the site.




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