MSNBC Guest Heftily Insults the Fox News Audience, but How're They Looking Now?



On Monday, MSNBC contributor Gabe Sherman bounced onto the network stage to share his thoughts on people who watch Fox News.

As it turns out, they’re all morons.


Gabe — a correspondent for Vanity Fair — also wanted to talk about conniving Donald Trump. He summed it up:

“The President of the United States using our foreign policy to leverage a foreign country to take out a rival.”

That’s a simple idea. But how simple?

Tell ’em, Gabe:

“That’s a very simple story that even the Fox audience can understand.”

Yep — it’s that simple.

Gabe was on the right show to suggest such a thing — anti-Trumper and host Joy Reid followed with a “Yeah.”

But she was also affirming this:

“What they’re looking at now is basically trying to distract. … The State Department is still investigating Hillary’s emails. I think they are going to try to say look over here not over here. The problem is this story is so easily understood. I don’t know if that reality distortion field can work.”

Did y’all get that? It was a little more complex than the other thing.

So Fox fans are imbeciles…

Who’s to say who’s watching MSNBC? It’s people all over. And you can’t pigeonhole the entire mix.

But what does the outlet serve up? That discovery is more along the lines of easy peasy.

That’d include panelist Elie Mystal, claiming Bret Kavanaugh’s confirmation may be the beginning of a “thousand-year reich.”


He spoke those exact words — see for yourself:

“In Light Of Kavanaugh, Nut On MSNBC Predicts A Possible ‘Thousand-Year Reich’”

How’s Fox lookin’ now?

But the more the merrier; so how’s about a montage? This is the network Gabe thought was the right launching pad for an insult to viewers of Fox.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you MSNBC:



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